30 Health Benefits of Mung Beans (#1 Pregnancy and Baby)

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Have you ever eaten mung beans? Meanwhile, mung beans comes from India and now is growing as a super food in Asia, especially Southeast Asia. Indeed, the mung beans sprouts is the part where it’s beneficial to eat. Mung beans tastes sweet and savory and you can cook it as side dish. In some Asia countries, mung beans becomes alternative food to eat everyday. Thus, mung beans (Vigna radiata) contains the high sources of vitamins and minerals. Meanwhile, here is the complete nutrition value in mung beans sprouts.

Nutrion Value of Mung Beans 

  • Folic Acid 

Mung beans contains the high source of folic acid. Meanwhile, folic acid is beneficial for women during pregnancy as it can maximize nervous systems for the baby’s growth. Also, folic acid uses to prevent the damage of baby’s new cells or to press the risks of disability baby born. Thus, consuming mung beans is recommended for women during pregnancy.

  • Fat

Fat uses for energy maker. Meanwhile, fat is beneficial as a food supernumerary so we can stay energized. Also, fat is good to keep our body temperature and protect organs. Indeed, don’t be afraid to gain fat by consuming mung beans as it’s good for health.

  • Carbohydrate 

Mung beans contains the high source of carbohydrates, which is a complex carbohydrates. Meanwhile, complex carbohydrate is beneficial for energy formation so we can stay fit. Also, complex carbohydrate is easy to absorb in body to track it as energy booster.

  • Calcium and Phosphor 

We all already known that calcium and phosphor are the source in maintaining bone health. Meanwhile, there is high sources of calcium and phosphor contains in green been that is also right to promote bone strength and density.

  • Vitamins 

Mung beans is also the high source of vitamins, which vitamin B1 and B2. Meanwhile, vitamin B1 and B2 is beneficial in absorbing protein to organs. Also, mung beans contains vitamin A for eyes health and vitamin B6 to fight free radicals.

Apart the nutrients above, mung beans also contains high source of fiber, essential mineral, carotenoids, protein, and it’s low calorie. Indeed, the nutrients in mung beans are beneficial whether for women during pregnancy and for the baby’s growth. As a result, here are the best benefits of mung beans for pregnancy and baby.

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1. Breast Cancer Prevention

Cancer cells can grow so fast but it’s our job to prevent it by eating healthy food. Meanwhile, mung beans contains a great substance to fight the cancer cells growth. Thus, the substance in mung beans can prevent or press the ability of cancer cells to grow in breast. So, it’s so good that we have a magic food that can low the change of us having cancer, cancer breast. As a result, tell your people about this benefits of mung beans and start to consume it.


2. Cholesterol Treatment 

There are two kinds of cholesterol, which is good and bad cholesterol. Meanwhile, bad cholesterol (Low Density Lipoprotein) invites effects bad for body which affects the blood vessels. Thus, we can choose good food to keep our cholesterol level in normal. Meanwhile, mung beans is a low cholesterol food that is also full of fiber and easy absorption. So, it is so good for maintaining health like cholesterol treatment.

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3. Diabetes Prevention 

Glycemic index is a value to know how fast or slow the blood sugar flows in food content. Meanwhile, mung beans have a low glycemic index (GI) which has slow index of blood sugar increase. So, consuming mung beans is good for diabetic as it don’t promote high blood sugar. As a result, mung beans is one of the food with low GI level and it’s healthy.


4. Postmenopausal Treatment 

Menopause is the physiology cycle for  elderly women where it effects menstrual cycle and other natural phase. Meanwhile, it needs a postmenopausal treatment to prevent bad effects of ageing in women. Thus, mung beans contains isoflavon that uses to prevent bad effects of ageing such as osteoporosis and reduction in other organs function. So, you can now tell your grand mother and elderly lovers to consume mung beans to stay healthy in old age.

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5. Anemia Treatment 

Anemia is the lack of red blood cells from iron nutrient deviancy. Thus, bad effect from having anemia are you become tired, pale, cold, headache, and have low concentration level. Meanwhile, mung beans contains high source of fiber which is good to promote red blood cells formation. As a result, mung bean can be your best solution for anemia treatment.


6. Weight Loss 

Are you in diet program right now? Then, there are many alternative food that is good to help your diet. Meanwhile, mung beans is on of the foods that can be so useful for your diet success. Thus, mung beans contains fiber and low calorie which is so perfect diet menu. Indeed, your needs of energy is completed by consuming mung beans without adding more fat.


7. Heart Health Treatment 

Heart health is so important to maintaining cells and organs function. Meanwhile, eating healthy food that contains fiber is good for heart health. Thus, fiber can absorbs fat  so the work of blood vessel is well. Indeed, the fiber contains in mung beans is beneficial to prevent heart diseases such as stroke.

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8. Bone Health Treatment 

Meanwhile, mung beans contains high sources of calcium and phosphor which is good for bone health. By consuming mung health, we can prevent the risk of having osteoporosis for elderly. Also, mung beans is beneficial for maintaining bone health such as promote strong bone for kids.


Pregnancy Health Tricks with Mung Beans

Meanwhile, from all the nutrients content in mung beans, it’s scientifically proven that mung beans is beneficial for women during pregnancy.

9. Promote Brain Function for Baby on Mother’s Womb 

Mother must take care of their fetus baby on the womb by feeding the babies with good healthy food. Meanwhile, mung beans contains folic acid which can promote brain function of baby. Thus, folic acid increases the brain nervous system for baby. So, feeding your baby with mung beans promote their smart IQ to grow.

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10. Digestive System for Mother

Everyone may experience digestive problem. Meanwhile, for pregnant baby having a digestive system can be worst as they can’t take too much medicine in order protecting the baby. Thus, pregnant mother can consuming extract mung beans as alternative way to solve digestive problem without harm the baby.

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11. Immune System 

Pregnant mother needs a double protection so they can stay fit with the baby. To anticipate bad thing happen to both mother and baby, they must get extra nutrients. Meanwhile, mung beans contain vitamin and antioxidant to keep the immune system. Also, mung beans extract is good for pregnant mother to stay fit and healthy, also to prevent illness during pregnancy.

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 12. Nutrients Source for Fetus Baby 

Baby on the womb needs all complete nutrients to prevent they born with disability. Also, nutrients is important for cell growth, intelligence, and overall health. Meanwhile, mung beans contain high sources of vitamin such as omega 3 and omega 6 for cell production in brain. As a result, the nutrients promote baby’s intelligence when they born.

13. Overall Health Treatment 

Taking care of their overall health is number one for pregnant mother as it effect the fetus baby too. Meanwhile, mung beans can be the right treatment for maintaining the pregnant mother health. As mung beans contain high sources of vitamin, mineral, protein, folic acid, fiber, and it’s so good for overall health. Also, to keep the body fit, pregnant mother needs to drink mung beans extract.

14. Nutrient Sources during Pregnancy 

Thus, pregnant mother is recommended to drink pregnancy milk for their health. Meanwhile, pregnant mother can drink mung beans extract as the natural drink. Indeed, mung beans contain omega 3, omega 4, amino acid, folic acid, vitamin B1, B2. All the nutrients is written in pregnancy milk. So, it may be good to choose the traditional and natural one.


Mung Beans for Baby’s Health

Also, mung beans is beneficial for fetus baby and baby up to 6 months.

15. Promote Memory for Baby 

Mung beans contain the high source of folic acid, which is good for brain cells. By this nutrient, memory cells of baby can grow well and it promotes intelligence. Thus, your lovely baby will be sharp and can remember things they learn so well. So, you can feed them with mung beans porridge everyday to fill they folic acid need in golden year.

16. 6th Months Baby’s Growth

Thus, mung beans contains 24% protein that is good for baby’s growth. While they are feeding with breast milk, mung beans is also beneficial for their complementary foods. Indeed, 6th month old is the golden early year for baby where they start to learn something. Also, the protein substance helps to promote new cells growth.

17. Digestive System for Baby 

Mung beans contain fiber which is good for digestive system. Meanwhile, it would be bad for baby if they experience digestive system. Consuming the extract of mung beans can prevent any digestive problems such as constipation and diarrhea. As a result, let the baby have a healthy tummy by traditional way of mung beans.

18. Baby’s Bone Health

You want your baby to have strong bone, right? Apart milk, you can feed them with mung beans to promote bone health for baby and kids. As mung beans contain high sources of calcium and phosphor for bone health. So, calcium and phosphor in mung beans promote strong bone and teeth.

19. Treatment of Fever in Baby 

Indeed, baby gets fever almost all the time as their immune is still in adaptation. Thus, you cannot always give them medicine but try this alternative way to heal fever in baby. Meanwhile, mung beans substances can treat fever, which give immune protection for baby and kids. As a result, boiling water of mung beans mixes with honey to treat fever and get your baby healthy again.

20. Skin Protection for Baby 

Baby’s skin is so sensitive, we know. Indeed, they always experience  itchy, red skin, freckles, and heat. That thing will make them feel uncomfortable and cry all day. So, mung beans is also beneficial to protect their skin from prickly heat.


21. Treatment of Influenza for Kids 

Meanwhile, mung beans also contains vitamin C as treatment of influenza, flue, cough, and cold for kids. Thus, you can now try this alternative if your lovely kids get cough. Also, mung beans can promote improvement of immune system so they cannot get cold, flue, or cough easily.

22. Improve Eyes Health 

Mostly, for kids in their golden age needing the right value of vitamin to maintain and improve overall health. As it said, mung beans contain vitamin A which is good for eyes. So, boil a mung bean and feed your kids with can improve eyes health. Indeed, they will have clear eyes and vision.

Beauty Tricks with Mung Beans 

Apart for pregnant mother, baby, and kids, mung beans is also beneficial for beauty treatment.

23. Skin Health 

So, any women out there wanting a clean skin? Thus, there are many body lotion that you can buy in the store, but it may be good to try this alternative. Meanwhile, mung beans contain vitamin D and vitamin E, which is all your skin ever need. Vitamin E and D are used to nourish skin, so it will make it smooth and glow too.

24. Hair Health 

Meanwhile, mung beans contain zinc to improve hair health. If you ever experience hair fall, then you can try this traditional treatment. The zinc contents can nourish hair and moisturize head skin, so it is a treatment for hair. Then, you will get a health smooth hair.

25. Repair Cells

If you fall off the floor, or when you hit something and it hurts your skin, then some cells of your skin gets damage. Meanwhile, mung beans contain the high source of protein where it’s beneficial to recovery skin from wound or injury. Also, mung beans sprouts is good for stamina booster.


26. Easy to Drink

So, in some countries in Asia, mung beans is quite popular and it sales everywhere. Nowadays, you can consume mung beans in easy simple way as they sale extract mung beans beverage on the store. Also, the taste is delicious, sweet and savory. As a result, you can drink it and get all the benefits inside.

How to Make Mung Beans Extract Beverage

Indeed, there are many way then you take to consume mung beans. In some Asia countries, they love to make snacks and cakes with mung beans topping. Also, some people love mung beans porridge and even mung beans ice cream. Then, now you may want to know how to make mung beans extract beverage.

The Ingredients:

  • 150 grams of mung beans
  • 4 liters water
  • 150 grams of brown sugar, puree it
  • 250 grams sugar
  • Half pealed ginger

The Process:

  • Soak the mung beans for one hour till it swelled. Then, boil the soaked mung beans in 2 liters water it almost cooked. Pour then the brown sugar and mix it well. Also, the half ginger and then wait till it gets boiled.
  • Done with the boiling mung beans water, pour it done. Strain the mung beans and the water.
  • Then, blend the mung beans with sugar, ad water and ginger too.
  • Thus, strain it again, that’s the extract.
  • If it done, boil again the extract with a salt sprinkle, wait till it boiled.
  • Well, the extract is ready to serve. Drink it while it warms.

As a result, that’s how you make mung beans extract beverage. That is so easy. The taste of mung beans extract is sweet, savory, and sure delicious. Then, you may later try to make it.

Indeed, that’s all the benefits of mung beans that you need to know. It’s all best for pregnancy and baby. So, now you must tell everybody to try mung beans and stay health.