6 Impactful Health Benefits of Millet for Babies

Cereal is any grass cultivated (grown) to be utilized in the definition of its grain (botanically, a type of fruit called kariopsis). The word cereal comes from Ceres, the name of the Goddess of Harvest and Roman agriculture.  Cereal grain crops, as you can see in the health benefits of millet cereal, are grown in […]

Check These Health Benefits of Millet and Sorghum – Affordable Grains

In Southeast Asia, the production of grains is noticeably larger than other parts of the world. It mainly due to rice as one of the most consumed staple foods. Beside rice, there are also other variants of grains with multiple benefits. Some examples of multifunction grains are millet and sorghum. These grains are more affordable […]

15 Health Benefits of Millet Cereal for Breakfast and Wheat Allergy

One of the cereal grains that not really common to consume is millet cereal. As some people might never consume this cereal, while there are some health benefits of millet cereal for breakfast. Therefore, try to get more overview on this kind of cereal will be a valuable thing. Not only to add more information […]

15 Health Benefits of Korralu #Best Super Food

Korallu, also better known as foxtail millet is a kind of cereal seeds plant which widely cultivated in mostly countries in East Asia and South East Asia. Unfortunately, Indonesia is not included as the country which has large plantation of millet even though it belongs to South East Asia part. For those living in East […]