20 Scientific Health Benefits of Snake Fruit (No. 9 is Miracolous)

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snake fruitSnake fruit originally comes from a species of palm tree native to Java and Sumatra in Indonesia. It usually called with Salak as similar as its Latin name Salacca zalacca. Moreover, this fruit which belongs to Arecaceae family is largely being cultivated and produced in Southeast Asia. For the physical features, it has scaly and prickly skin like a cactus. Further, the taste is so juicy and has a kind of sour taste like a pineapple but at the same time, it also gives you the sweet and spectacular taste.


Not only for giving you a delightful taste, yet, it is a good source of nutrients. Then, here we list the nutritional value of snake fruit below.


Amount per 100g

% Daily Value




Total Fat

0.4 g



0 mg



0 mg


Total Carbohydrate

0 g



0.8 g


Vitamin C   14%

Calcium    3.8%

Vitamin B2  0.2 mg

Iron    21.7 %

Phosphorus    1.8%

Vitamin D   0%

*Percent Daily Values are based on 2,000 calorie diet. Your Daily Values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

As the table has shown, snake fruit is rich in beneficial nutrients. Hence, we also list the health benefits of snake fruit or well know as Salak if you are consuming this kind of fruit as well.

1. Source of Vitamin C

The nutrition content that snake fruit provides is the presence of a good amount of vitamin C. Due to the information that is given in the table, if you are consuming 100 grams of snake fruit, it will give you 14% of daily value vitamin C needed. Thus, if you want to fulfill the vitamin C needs in your body, try to eat snake fruit together with other kinds of vitamin C foods to help.


2. Source of Iron

Also, as the table has shown, snake fruit contains a good amount of iron contained. In another hand, if you got a lack of iron consumption, it will lead you to have chronic fatigue and even an anemia. Hence, get yourself to eat this tasty fruit to prevent certain disease as well.


3. No cholesterol

From now on, say no to the presence of cholesterol. Since snake fruit has been containing no cholesterol inside, it is good for those who wants to make a preventing from getting certain diseases such as heart attack.

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4. Source of Calcium

Surprisingly, snake fruit is having a good source of calcium. It concludes that not only the milk which is having a role in promoting bones health but also snake fruit is very great in strengthening the bones density.

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5. Source of Phosphorus

What are the benefits of phosphorus in our body? Well, it takes an important role in improving our body health. As a matter of fact, it promotes the protein formation, hormonal balance, and the cellular repairing process.

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6. Source of Protein

To promote the protein needs in our body, you may have to consume cheese, eggs, whey protein foods, beef, and salmon as well. However, it is known that snake fruit is also helping you to get the good amount of protein contained. With the great consumption of protein foods, they will help you to build muscle mass, supporting the neurological function, and also renewing the body cells.

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7. Acts as Antioxidants

It is great to know that snake fruit contains Beta-Carotene which helps to prevent certain diseases such as cardiovascular disease, strokes, and even cancer. Moreover, it acts as powerful antioxidants who works 5 times better compared to other antioxidants source foods such as watermelon and mangos. Such a great and beneficial fruit, right?

8. An Option to Eat

This is one of top health benefits of salak that is so impressing. If you get bored with the sweet taste of several fruits there, you may have to eat snake fruit as an option. It is not only for the unique and delightful taste but also it helps to improve and maintain the body health.

9. Helps to Lose Weight

There is a good news for you who wants to lose some weight by consuming a delicious food to eat as diet menu. There, snake fruit is ready for you. This fruit is helping you to manage the weight as it has a good amount of nutrients. Moreover, the presence of carbohydrates and calcium contained helps to add the stamina while dieting. Then, you can simply eat this fruit in the morning. It has sweet sour taste and delicious. Nevertheless, snake fruit may be hard to find in America and Europe yet it still worth to try. Thus, you may travel to some Southeast Asia to find this great snake fruit.


10. Good for Eyes Health

Since the snake fruit is containing Beta-Carotene composition inside, it will help you to have a natural eye medication. As research shows, it keeps the eye healthy due to the presence of Beta-Carotene. Then, it is best to consume both of snake fruit and carrot as well in order having a good vision.

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11. Prevents Night Blindness

As described, Vitamin A contained in snake fruit is helping you to have a good vision. Hence, it also improves the eyes to see in light and dark condition. Then, if you want to prevent the night blindness, try to consume this kind of delightful fruits well.

12. Promotes the Body Muscle

As number 7 described, with the good amount of protein contained in snake fruit. It provides the function to promote our body muscle. Then, by also doing workout regularly, your body muscle will be a healthier body form than before.


13. Boost the Memory

The presence of potassium and pectin in snake fruit helps to improve the brain functions such as it enhances the memory and cognitive functions. No doubt comes that snake fruits are often called as “memory fruit.

14. Acts As Anti-Diarrhea

Due to the presence of good nutrients of snake fruit. It helps you to avoid diarrhea as well as preventing constipation.

15. Controls Blood Sugar Level

Pterostilbene, which is present in snake fruit composition may help you to lower the glucose in the blood. In addition, it is also known that a tea made from snake fruit’s skin is helping to regenerate the cell in the pancreas. As a result, it helps to control diabetes.

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16. Promotes Cardiovascular Health

The potassium, antioxidants, and minerals contained in snake fruit are really giving you the best benefits. One of them is their capability in helping the water regulation in the body. Further, it also helps in promoting the heart health as well. Thus, consume this snake fruit to ensure you have a good and healthy life!

17. Improves the Stamina

The presence of potassium and protein contained in snake fruit are linked to the benefit which helps to improve the stamina. Consequently, the more you eat snake fruit, then the more your body refilled the energy for daily work.

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18. Good For Pregnant Women

To have a good pregnancy, a mother may choose the food which has the best nutrition in it. Indeed, all the efforts she did is for the sake of the lovely baby. As a result, the consumption of snake fruit for pregnant women may help to reduce the morning sickness of pregnancy. But, remember to eat this kind of fruit properly to get the best benefit of it.

19. Promotes Overall Body Health

As explained before, indeed, snake fruit is really beneficial to maintain our body health. The presence of best nutrients contained is really promoting the body functions. Also, it prevents certain disease and prevents the body from any harmful damage. Thus, make a choice to eat snake fruit will have never gone wrong.

Snake Fruit for Beauty Treatments

Unexpectedly, snake fruit is also beneficial for the skin health. Curious about how snake fruit is having a role in maintaining good skin health? Then, check the following statement to ensure.

20. Promotes the Skin Health

It is recommended to have a good skin by simply eating the snake fruit regularly. It is kind of natural ways to achieve beautiful and healthy skin. Moreover, the antioxidants contained may prevent any bad effects of free radicals that will be harmful to the skin. Further, the Vitamin C also takes part in maintaining the youthful skin.


There, you may know the health benefits of consuming snake fruit now. As the consequence, check the tips of consuming this fruit below.

Tips for Consuming

  • Before eating snake fruit, peel the scaly brown skin and remove the white layer film as well. Then, eat it as a fresh fruit or as your daily snake
  • Second, it is a good idea to make snake fruits into pies, jams, fruit pickled, and even syrup as another menu options.
  • For pickles recipe tips, soak the snake fruit into the solution of the water and wait for 1 hour to let the process works. Then, wash and drain it. Add the vinegar and salt and let them stand for a few nights. Therefore, your delicious pickles are ready to be enjoyed.

To conclude, having snake fruit is a good option for those who want to fulfill the nutrients needed by the body. Also, the taste of snake fruit may delight your life as well. Then, eat it properly with an ideal amount of the regular consumption to get health benefits of snake fruit. Happy eating and always be healthy!

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