Top 10 List of Fruits from Spanish and Health Benefits

The first thing that crosses people mind when talking about Spain is exotic. Yes, from the men, women up to their language sound so exotic. Spain is the fourth largest country in the European continent and the only country in Europe that has border with African country. The assimilation of culture, language and custom are […]

12 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Luo Han Guo Fruit

Who never eat fruit? As fruit is a very common food for most of the people. With sweetness that came out of the natural process make us eating fruit worried free. Many fruits had come with many benefit of their own like stamina booster, lowering your stress level, increasing focus, etc. But everyone must have […]

Top 10 Health Benefits of Canistel Fruit

The fact that fruits have a lot of benefits to human health is no longer a secret but do you know that there are so many rare and exotic fruits in this world? Have you ever heard about canistel fruit? Well, when talking about fruits, the first thing that crosses people’s mind is like apple, […]

14 List of Common American Fruits and Health Benefits

Big Apple is a common nickname for New York City which was popularized by John J. Fitz Gerald in the 1920s but it has nothing to do with the actual apple fruit and apple is not even originated from America continental but from Central Asia. Anyway, there are more fruits in the list of common […]

12 Health Benefits of Cupuacu Fruit (No. 1 Is Unexpected)

There are so many exotic and rare fruits in the world that some of them are not common to hear and cupuacu fruit is among those rare fruits in the world and benefits of this fruit remain unknown if you don’t want to find out. Fortunately, there are some people out there who take interest […]

17 Rare Fruits in the World and Its Benefits You Never Heard

The definition of rare fruits is quite hard to define. It depends on where you are currently living. Some fruits may be rare for some countries but not in yours and the vice versa. However, speaking of rare fruits in general is probably fruits that are not commonly found in all countries. For example, apple […]

10 Health Benefits of Fruit Bintaro (No.1 Is Surprisingly Amazing)

When it comes to exotic fruits, they could be really exotics from their appearance up to the flavor or they could be really deadly like bintaro fruit which is not edible at all because from the leaves, fruits and the seeds are all poisonous. So, it is not typical fruit you could find in the […]