17 Top Health Benefits of Dong Quai Tea (No. 1 is Great!)

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dong quai teaAs a matter of fact, tea has been a favorite drink of all people in the world. Tea can be made of the root, leaves, and any part of the tree. In this article, we will talk about Dong Quai or Angelica sinensis which belongs to Umbelliferae family.

Moreover, Dong Quai has been used as a tea for centuries due to its healing properties. It is called as the “female ginseng” which has been used for more than 2,000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Indeed, it can be used for treating the fatigue, pelvic pain, and irregular menstrual cycles. It is also known that Dong Quai tea can heal the inflammation related to the muscle problems. Then, to give you more information, we have listed the health benefits of Dong Quai Tea as written below.


Then, to give you more information, we have listed the health benefits of Dong Quai Tea as written below.

1. Promotes Fertility 

One of the health benefits of dong quai tea is the way it promotes fertility. At this point, it has ferulic acid which is an antioxidant to improve the sperm quality. Moreover, this herb is believed to act as an aphrodisiac as well. Hence, to drink dong quai tea in your day is such a good thing to promote the fertility greatly.


2. Contains Vitamin B12

In fact, dong quai tea contains the good amount of essential nutrients. Consequently, it has the vitamins such as biotin, folic acid, and vitamin B12 as well. These nutrients are beneficial to detoxify the blood. It removes the presence of toxins and harmful substances in the blood. Then, as you consume dong quai tea, it will help you to reduce the toxicity and clear out the blood as well.


3. Have Antioxidant Properties

Dong Quai tea contains the powerful antioxidant compounds to promote the body health. In this case, it will help to eliminate the damage of free radicals. As a result, it will prevent the risk of chronic disease as well. Thus, if you consume antioxidant foods and drinks such as dong quai tea and green vegetables, then they will help you to reduce the chances of health problems like heart disease, and cancer.


4. Prevents Inflammation

Dong Quai tea has the benefit which can prevent the body inflammation. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and protects the body against the risk of diseases. In this case, dong quai tea has been the good herb to treat respiratory ailments. Moreover, it can help you to prevent the presence of irritation and infection in the body as well. Thus, if you want to get rid of the risks of diseases, then you can have dong quai tea to deal with them.


5. Balances Estrogen Levels

What makes dong quai tea greater is the way it can balance the estrogen level. It enables you to control the level of estrogen as it is called as the premier “gynecological regulator.”.This benefit has been applied for centuries as it has the ability to regulate estrogen levels in the body. Even, the effective protecting health like this can help to regulate periods as well.


6. Boosts Circulation

The next health benefits of Dong Quai tea is to boost the circulation in the body. This benefit is linked to the presence of vitamin and mineral content in dog quai tea. In this case, it has the iron which increases the level of red blood production and blood volume as well.

As a result, with the regular consumption of Dong Quai tea, you will help your body t control the circulation in the body for sure. Otherwise, the deficiency of iron contained in dong quai tea will lead to certain health problems such as anemia.


7. Promotes Digestive Health

Due to the presence of four essential bacteria and yeasts which become the ideal sources of plant=based probiotics, then dong quai tea has shown the positive result in promoting digestive health. At this point, we may know that fiber is the nutrient which builds the strong digestion system, but dong quai tea has the same job.

The probiotics in dong quai tea help to promote the healthy intestines. It protects the intestines from risks of diseases. In contrast, it helps to promote the growth of good bacteria in human intestines. What the great benefits, right?


8. Promotes Heart Health

It has shown that there is a link between Dong Quai tea with the increasing performance of heart work. Dong Quai tea can help to lower blood pressure as studies have shown due to its antispasmodic ability. This is great as it will be beneficial to prevent the excess platelet build-up in the arteries and blood vessels. As the consequence, regular consumption of dong quai tea can help to reduce the risks of heart problems including strokes and heart attacks as well.



9. Treats Anemia

As described before, dong quai tea has iron content in it. The presence of this nutrient is very valuable to produce the hemoglobin in the body. Indeed, the hemoglobin as the protein in the blood will carry oxygen to the cells and carbon dioxide as well.

Consequently, with the good consumption of iron foods like dong quai tea and red meat, they will promote the blood regulation in the body for sure. Moreover, iron in dong quai tea can help to deal with chronic fatigue and muscle weakness. So, grab your dong quai tea drink from now on!


10. Boosts Energy

As a matter of fact, you need to have the big amount of energy to do daily activities. In this case, you can obtain the energy addition from food consumption as well as do the exercise. Consequently, it is known that dong quai tea can be part of your energy booster.

You can drink dong quai tea regularly or twice a day to boost energy levels through body circulation. This benefit is linked to the presence of iron to oxygenate and energize the body with nutrients for sure.


11. Relieves Menstrual Symptoms

Drinking dong quai tea regularly can help you to ease the pain of menstrual symptoms. At this point, dong quai tea acts as antispasmodic which helps you to relieve the cramps and other symptoms of the menstrual cycle. As a result, it increases the blood flow and replenishes the blood after the period has ended.

This benefit has strengthened the fact that dong quai tea can be the “female ginseng” for sure. It will deal with cramping and discomfort of menstruation which may make you feel weak or tired. Therefore, if you want to have the regular menstrual cycle, then it is recommended to consume dong quai tea in moderate.


12. Acts as Aphrodisiac

What is even greater from dong quai tea is the way it acts as an aphrodisiac. Indeed, it helps men and women in fertility. It increases the level of libido as well. Hence, if you can add dong quai tea for your drinking option, then why not start to consume it to boost the chances of conception from now on?


13. Relieves Cough

One of the health benefits of dong quai tea is its ability to relieve coughs. This herbal tea can promote the health of respiratory system by eliminating the excessive mucus and controlling the coughing spasm. Also, it is related to the antispasmodics benefits provided by dong quai tea.


14. Relieves Anxiety

It is known that dong quai tea can relieve the anxiety as well as the mood swings. In this case, women who suffer from hormonal problems of menopause or menstruation that has anxiety and stress as the symptoms can deal with these ones.

Indeed, by drinking dong quai tea, you will feel happier for sure. Hence, as dong quai tea provides the calming effect for your nervous system and can make you relax, then there is no doubt to consume it daily.

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15. Prevents Depression

Have you ever experienced the good feeling after drinking a tea? Yes, sipping a tea can make a good feeling, indeed. As the consequence, dong quai tea has the function to reduce the stress and depression. Also, it relieves the mood swings and promotes the relaxation.

This benefit is related to the benefit of dong quai tea which balances the hormone greatly. Also, it is linked with the effects of dopamine and serotonin released in the body from the components contained in dong quai tea. Thus, if you face the hard days, drinking dong quai tea twice a day will help you a lot.



16. Boosts Immune System

All health benefits provided by dong quai tea will boost the immune system. This is also associated with the presence of antioxidant properties and the increasing production of white blood cells. As a result, it will help to fight the infection and detoxify the body as well. Indeed, this action will lead to reducing the toxicity throughout the body. Then, as you consume dong quai tea, then this kind of tea will boost your immune system by reducing the risks of diseases and inflammation for sure.


17. Promotes Beauty Skin

Surprisingly, dong quai tea can be valuable to promote beautiful skin. Due to the presence of antioxidant properties in it, then this tea can promote the healthy and youthful skin. Indeed, it will provide you the natural beauty for sure. Also, as it boosts the body circulation, then it will detoxify the blood resulting in the clear skin and fair complexion as well. Thus, if you can have the natural ingredient like dong quai tea to have such a smooth and beautiful skin, then that will be great to choose this kind of tea regularly.


18. Treats Eczema

After that, as dong quai tea has a role in promoting the beautiful skin, then it is also shown the ability to deal with skin problems. It is linked with its function and good role in boosting the body circulation, then it will be beneficial to promote the healthy skin. It is known that dong quai tea has the effect to heal common skin conditions like eczema, hives, and neurodermatitis. Thus, if you want to get rid of the risks of skin problems, then make sure that you always use the natural products like dong quai tea for sure.

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To sum up, you have known the health benefits of dong quai tea. This herbal tea offers the great range of benefits. However, it is recommended for pregnant women to not consume it as it may lead to the risk of miscarriage. Moreover, it should be avoided by women who have heavy menstrual periods. Thus, to get the best health results you can drink it moderately.

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