12 Health Benefits of Whipped Cream (#1 Energy Booster)

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Whipped cream is one type of cream that is commonly found in the kitchen, mostly available in the liquid and powder form. If you somehow found some terms like fresh cream, whipping cream and heavy cream, those creams are actually very much the same because all of them could be used for the same purposes.

What is Whipped Cream?

However, some of you might still wonder what are the differences of fresh cream, whipping cream, heavy cream and what is the real meaning of whipped cream? Fresh cream is type of cream mostly found in local dairies made in homemade style and usually offered with limited expiration date while whipping cream and heavy cream are those commonly found in supermarket offered in various brands and longer expiration date.

The difference between whipping cream and heavy cream is the content of the fat, heavy cream has higher content of fat than whipping cream. So, what is whipped cream? Whipped cream is the form of those creams after they are being whipped which give you delicious cream with light and fluffy texture.

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Nutritional Value of Whipped Cream

Whipping Cream

Serving Size: 1 cup (230 g)

Water168 g
Energy455 kcal
Calories455 kcal
Calories from Fat400.5 kcal
Protein5.61 g – 11.22%
Total Fat44.5 g – 127.14%
Carbohydrate10.65 g – 8.19%
Total Sugar7.84 g
Vitamin B1 – Thiamin0.046 mg – 3.83%
Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin0.386 mg – 29.69%
Vitamin B3 – Niacin0.214 mg – 1.34%
Vitamin B5 – Panthothenic Acid1.086 mg – 21.72%
Vitamin B6 – Pyridoxine0.094 mg – 7.23%
Vitamin B9 – Folate14 µg – 3.5%
Choline44.2 mg – 8.04%
Vitamin B12 – Cobalamine0.48 µg – 20%
Vitamin C2.1 mg – 2.33%
Vitamin A285 µg – 40.71%
Vitamin E0.87 mg – 5.8%
Vitamin K3.4 µg – 2.83%
Calcium232 mg – 23.2%
Iron0.16 mg – 2%
Magnesium23 mg – 5.48%
Phosphorus175 mg – 25%
Potassium288 mg – 6.13%
Sodium71 mg – 4.73%
Zinc0.76 mg – 6.91%
Copper0.041 mg – 4.56%
Manganese0.034 mg – 1.48%
Selenium8.5 µg – 15.45%
Fatty Acids
Total Saturated Fat23.32 g
Total Monounsaturated Fat10.56 g
Total Polyunsaturated Fat1.84 g

When it comes to fat, the lower and the higher of fat content is really matter. That’s why the choice of whipping cream and heavy cream for some people is really important but some product of heavy cream offers you with more delicious taste because of the higher fat content. However, fat is not always a bad thing because no matter what, our body still needs fat to produce energy. The key is only consuming them in the right amount. Indeed, here are the health benefits of whipped cream:

  1. Excellent Energy Booster

The first health benefits of whipped cream is as an excellent energy booster. From the table displayed above, you could see how high the calories content in whipped cream, up to 455 kcal. It makes whipped cream is an excellent energy booster. If somehow you feel like you have lost some energy and need immediate replacement, just add some whipped cream to your favorite fruit juice to boost your energy. It is such an excellent and tasty way to get more energy.

  1. Solution to Weight Gain

Well, when it comes to weight gain, some of you might be only thinking about how to lose weight. However, there are also some people out there who are struggling to gain more weight. The shortcut to weight gain is consuming more fat and whipped cream in every meal is the solution to weight gain. However, still consuming it in considerate amount is highly recommended because it is so full of saturated fat that could be harmful for your health.

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  1. Healthy Treats

There are so much treats that could be harmful for your health but whipped cream, though it is not perfect and high in calories, is still considered to be one of the healthy treats you could consume in daily basis. You could add whipped cream to your healthy fruit salad and whipped cream in the top of your green juice could enhance the greeny taste.

  1. Promotes Healthy Bones

Just like any dairy products, whipped cream is also high in calcium which is great for healthy bones. Furthermore, the vitamin K found in whipped cream is also relatively high to help you reducing the risk of some bone problems like osteoporosis and bone fracture. Not only that, the combinations of vitamins and minerals in whipped could is also excellent for tooth enamel and gum health.

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  1. Excellent for Growth

If you have children in development stage, as mother, you could add whipped cream to some of their meals to optimize their growth. Folate found in whipped cream is relatively high that could promote the development of brain cells and nerve systems. Calcium is great for bone health while vitamin C and A are excellent antioxidant to provide one more protection to their immunity system.

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  1. Reduces the Risk of Kidney Stones

Some studies have shown that the high intake of calcium in your body could help in reducing the risk of kidney stones. Well, most of dairy products have been proven to be excellent in reducing the risk of all kinds of kidney conditions. However, though it is healthy enough for your kidney but the sodium content in whipped cream is not going to be good for those who have been diagnosed with certain kidney condition.

  1. Treats Stress Effectively

Have you ever realized that you feel relieve after some taste of whipped cream in your tongue? Well, it is because some studies also mentioned about how effective whipped cream in treating stress. It is because whipped cream contains pantothenic acid that responsible to the production of certain hormone that could make you more relax.

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  1. Natural Immunity Booster

Though the content of vitamin C in whipped cream is not really high but it is enough to help you protecting your body by enhancing your immunity system. Furthermore, whipped cream contains high amount of vitamin A which is effective to counteract any infections by producing the opposite compound to the antigen. It means, vitamin A in whipped cream is not only excellent to fight the infection but also prevent them from further infection.

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  1. Super Food for Brain

There are some keywords you should know from foods that are recommended for brain like folate, vitamin B2 and phosphorus. Folate is excellent compound for brain while vitamin B2 and phosphorus are perfect combination to promote healthy growth and nerve system. Whipped cream contains adequate amount of folate but contains excellent amount of vitamin B2 and phosphorus which make it one of the super foods for brain.

  1. Promotes Skin and Hair Health

One of the compounds that are great for hair health is protein and as mentioned in the table above, whipped cream is relatively high in protein, since it is a dairy product. It means that you cannot get the same benefits if you are consuming non-dairy whipped cream. Furthermore, as rich of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin E, A and C, whipped cream is also excellent for skin health to promote brighter, nourished and smoother skin.

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  1. Great for Vision

It is a common knowledge that all foods that are rich of vitamin A are excellent for vision and whipped cream contains relatively high amount of vitamin A. It is because vitamin A could make your eyes more adaptable to the changes of light and give you better vision even at night. Surely you don’t want to miss the chance to consume whipped cream if it could moist your eyes.

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  1. Promotes the Production of Red Blood Cells

Surely you have known that red blood cells are essential in human body. RBC is the reasons your body is functioning optimally because metabolism system could work because hemoglobin in RBC brings the nutrients and oxygen to your body cells. Iron and other minerals are essential to the production of red blood cells and luckily, whipped cream is so rich of certain minerals and vitamins.

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Cautions of Whipped Cream

No matter how much health benefits you could get from consuming whipped cream, but you should well aware of some cautions that is lurking behind the delicious taste of whipped cream.

  • If you have problem with weight is better to avoid whipped cream in all cost because it is so high in calories and could make your diet fail miserably.
  • Allergic reaction could strongly occur if you are allergic to all kinds of dairy products. Fortunately today, there is option of cream that is non-dairy but you still need to worry with the sugar content in non-dairy whipped cream.
  • Though the expiration date of whipping cream and heavy cream is relatively long but it is no longer applicable after you open the product. Those creams should be used immediately after they’re opened.
  • Since it is dairy product, this type of cream is not recommended for those who are currently in special vegan diet. The other option is by using the non-dairy whipping cream.
  • Be careful with the saturated fat content in whipped cream which could be fatal for those who have been diagnosed with cardiovascular problems.
  • The content of sodium is also quite high in whipped cream and every of you with blood pressure problem should aware of this fact.

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Whipped cream is delicious cream that you could add to your coffee or your favorite juice to add more flavor to your favorite beverages. Indeed, there are many health benefits of whipped cream. Furthermore, in cake that is using butter cream by adding some whipped cream will enhance the taste. Whipped cream is also the secret for chocolate cake to not break when it’s cut, just by adding whipped cream to dark cooking chocolate before it was frozen, the texture will be just right to be cut and served.

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