40 Benefits of Pear for Health and Beauty

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Pear is one of the most delicious and healthiest fruit in the world. The sweet and juicy taste of pear is one of the reasons why this fruit is becoming the favorite.  Originally cultivated in Europe and Asia but today the biggest exporter of pear is China but the popularity of pear has reached every corner of the world.

It is not only tasty but also having a lot of health benefits. The nutrients facts table below will explain some components contained in pear and then the list of benefits will follow suit.

Nutrients Facts of Pear


Fresh, Raw

100 grams per serving

General InformationAmount
Protein0.4 g
Total Fat0.1 g
Carbohydrate15.2 gFiber3.1 g
Sugars9.8 gSucrose0.7 g
Glucose2.6 g
Fructose6.4 g
Vitamin A1µgCalcium9 mg (1%)
Vitamin C4.3 mg (5%)Iron0.18 mg (2%)
Vitamin E0.12 mg (1%)Magnesium7 mg (2%)
Vitamin K4.4 µg (4%)Phosphorus12 mg (2%)
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)0.01 mg (1%)Potassium116 mg (2%)
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)0.03 mg (2%)Sodium1 mg (0%)
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)0.16 mg (1%)Zinc0.1 mg (1%)
Vitamin B5 (Panthothenic Acid)0.05 mg (1%)Copper0.08 mg (9%)
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)0.03 mg (2%)Manganese0.05 mg (2%)
Folate7µg (2%)Selenium0.1 µg (05)
Choline5.1 mg (1%)
FlavonoidOne important thing to note is that most of the antioxidant components as mentioned in the left box are found in the skin along with the majority of fiber content found in pear. So, it is recommended to consume pear along with the skin for the optimum benefits.
Chlorogenic Acid

Benefits of Pear

  1. Aids in Optimizing the Weight Loss Program

pearWhy Benefits of Pear for weight loss could be the best? First it is low in calorie and fat, so eating pear would not contribute in weight gain. Second it is relative high in fiber so it will give fullness effect to control craving. Third pear is also good for digestive system, so nutrients will be processed and absorbed optimally and reduces the weight gain possibility.

  1. Pear Has Major Impact in Treating Diabetes Type 2

Surely you have aware the root of problem of diabetes type 2 is when the production of insulin is normal but the body difficult to utilize it caused by some factors and the major one is obesity. Pear is recommended diet solution for people with weight gain problem.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Diabetic Complication

The other factor that makes patients diabetes is hard to be treated is the complications. Pear is one of the fruits with powerful anti inflammatory content that could assist in ease of or reduce the risk of diabetic complication.

  1. Controlling the Blood Sugar Level

From the table of nutrients facts above there are several antioxidants found in pear such as flavonoid, epicatechin, anthocyanin and quarcetin. Those antioxidants have been proven to be able in improving the sensitivity of insulin in order to control the blood sugar level.

  1. Natural Source of Antioxidant

By just consuming pear daily in appropriate amount is able to provide the antioxidants required by the body. As mentioned in the table above, there are at least six types of antioxidants found in pear and each of them has significant role in the body system.

  1. Powerful Anti Inflammatory

As anti inflammatory natural source makes pear is possible to treat several medical conditions from maintaining the cardiovascular system up to reduce the complications caused by inflammation.

  1. Prevent Heart Disease

Why pear is good to maintain healthy heart and has been proven to prevent heart disease is because of the high content of potassium found in pear. Though sodium is also found in pear but the content of potassium is outnumber it. Generally, potassium is good for heart which is combined with anti inflammatory properties makes pear is good fruit for heart.

  1. Aids in Controlling Cholesterol

One more property that is found in pear and proven to be able in reducing and controlling cholesterol is pectin. With the combination of potassium which will prevent the accumulation of blot clot will make cholesterol level always under controlled.

  1. Prevent Cancer

The easiest way to fight free radicals that could cause the development of cancerous cells is by consuming food with enough amounts of antioxidants, vitamin C and copper. Well, all of those properties are found in adequate amount in pear.

  1. Low Risk of Allergic Reaction

Compared to other fruits, pear has zero result toward allergic reaction. That’s why pear is one of the recommended fruit for infant to consume. Besides that the texture of the fruit is also good for toddler and children to stimulate their gum and dental organ.

  1. Natural Booster for Immunity System

Since pear is so rich of vitamin C of course it is the main reason why it is potent fruit to maintain immunity system. Besides that pear is also rich of antioxidants and then iron which has big contribution in maintaining the level of red blood cells in the body.

  1. Prevent Osteoporosis

Pear is natural solution to prevent osteoporosis because first, it is rich of calcium and phosphorous which are good for bone. Besides that boron is also found in pear which assists in optimizing the absorption of calcium to prevent osteoporosis.

  1. Good for Digestive System

Pear is rich of fiber so surely it is good for the digestive system. However, one important thing to note, the majority of fiber is found in the skin of the pear so when you consume it, don’t peel it off but just wash it and you’re ready to eat it.

  1. Help in Treating Gout

Gout mostly suffered by people with high mobility but it is also suffered by elderly. The anti inflammatory properties have big contribution in the tissue repair which is a good treatment for gout.

  1. Controlling the Level of Blood Pressure

Consuming pear is one of the home remedy to treat and control blood pressure because first, it is rich of potassium which will make sure your blood will be freed from negative side of sodium. Second, antioxidants and glutathione found in pear is also good to control blood pressure.

  1. Reduce the Symptoms of Fever

Health benefits of Pear could be best for fever. It is true that when you feel like you’re about to catch a fever, consuming a glass of pear juice could reduce the symptoms or even perhaps prevent it to occur. It is because pear is rich of vitamin C. Besides that pear is also having a cooling effect to reduce the symptoms of fever.

  1. Prevent Heat Stroke

From the table above we could see that 84% of pear is water and that’s why the taste of pear is so juice. Consuming it during the summer is highly recommended because it could prevent the heat stroke by keeping the body hydrated.

  1. Treat Throat Problem

As mentioned in point 16, pear has cooling effect. That’s why when you are currently suffering throat problem, just consuming a glass of pear juice could reduce the pain and heal it. However, don’t mix it with ice or the healing effect will be decreased.

  1. Good for Colon Health

All fruits that are rich of fiber always good for colon health, pear is not the exception. Furthermore, pear is also rich of vitamin C that will ensure healthier and smoother metabolic system inside the colon and intestine system.

  1. Energy Recovery Solution

After an intensive workout, consuming a medium size of pear or a glass of pear is recommended to boost the energy replacement which is drained during the workout. The carbohydrate contained in pear will act as energy fuel.

  1. Prevent Constipation

As rich in fiber, surely pear is good in treating or preventing constipation. The vitamin C will contribute in making sure the metabolism system functions optimally for the maximum absorption of nutrients.

  1. Recommended Fruit for Pregnant Mother

Pear is also rich of folate which is good for the development of fetal inside mother’s womb. Folate contributes in the brain’s optimal development along with the nervous system. Besides that calcium, vitamin and minerals contained are also good to maintain the health of mother during pregnancy.

  1. Improve Metabolism

Healthy metabolism means all nutrients processed in the colon could be absorbed optimally and body is hydrated. As rich in fiber and vitamin C, pear is good for digestive tract and as rich of water; pear will keep the body from dehydration.

  1. Improve Blood Circulation

Potassium is vasodilator which promotes healthier and smoother blood circulation. Besides that as rich of iron and copper, pear will assist in the production of red blood cells so heart could work optimally without pressure to optimize the circulation of blood.

  1. Healthy Eye and Vision

As contained adequate amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, antioxidants and some anti inflammatory substances, pear is also good for eye and has been proven to be able in improving vision.

  1. Prevent Diarrhea

It is true that a patient is currently having diarrhea should avoid pear but this fruit is good to prevent it because the rich of fiber, water and vitamin C promote the healthier and smoother move of food and waste inside the intestines.

  1. Pear Has Function as Fluid Regulator

Potassium is a vasodilator which is not only good to blood circulation but also has important function as fluid regulator. In other words, it is not only regulate the blood but also other types of fluid such as water and make sure all the cells in the body are hydrated and maintain the balance as well.

  1. Accelerate the Wound Healing

Pear is rich of vitamin C which is the essential substances in the production of collagen and as rich of antioxidants, pear will promote and accelerate the wound healing by repairing the damaged tissues and improve the regeneration of new cells.

  1. Improve the Red Blood Cells Production

As rich in iron and copper surely pear has great contribution in the production of red blood cells. Furthermore, the process is also supported by vitamin C to optimize the absorption of iron in the body system.

  1. Effective in Treating Anemia

The main cause of anemia is when the amount of blood cells is not enough. Just by consuming pear regularly could assist in treating and reducing the symptoms of anemia. In longer terms is able to cure anemia completely because it is rich of iron and copper that promote healthy amount of red blood cells.

  1. Contributing the Bone Health

Pear is not only rich in the vitamins but also minerals. Some types of minerals found in adequate amount in pear such as calcium, phosphorous, manganese, magnesium and zinc. Those minerals are good for bone health and able to prevent some bone conditions.

  1. Effective Treatment for Oily Skin

For the beauty sake, consuming pear is also recommended. As rich of vitamin C, pear is an effective treatment for oily skin. What you should do is instead of consuming it you could use pear as face mask to remove the oily substances from your skin pores.

  1. Get Rid of Wrinkles

The problem with wrinkles is aged skin cells. What you need to get rid of aged cells? Antioxidants and vitamin C are the powerful combinations and those two substances could be found in adequate amount in pear. So, what is the point of paying expensive dermatology treatment if there is a delicious way to deal with it?

  1. Natural Skin Moisturizer

As it is good to treat oily skin, pear is also good to treat dry and dull skin. Certain substances found in pear are able to assist in balancing the water in the skin and return its smoothness for healthier and radiant face skin.

  1. Natural Acne Solution

Generally, pear is good for skin and already proven to be able in maintaining the healthy skin naturally. It is also effective in treating acne due to its rich content of antioxidant to repair the damaged skin cells caused by bacteria and the anti inflammatory content will assist in healing the scar caused by the infection while vitamin C will prevent the further infection as well as contributing in removing the scar by producing collagen to repair the damaged skin cells.

  1. Natural Skin Scrub for Healthier Skin

Do you having dull skin? Scrub them way with pear because it is also having scrub materials that could assist in removing dead skin cells that cover the skin’s surface. By removing the dead skin, the natural and radiant skin will appear. You will have younger, healthier and radiant skin in an instant without the need to use expensive skin products.

  1. Treat Dry Lips

One of the main reasons why a person suffers from dry lips is because of dehydration. Pear contains high amount of water that enough to hydrate your whole body system, so it is also a good treatment of dry lips while the lactic acid will promote healthier lip cells for smooth and kissable lips.

  1. Natural Solution for Dry hair

Pear is not only good to treat dry lips and dry skin but also dry hair. It is because pear is rich of vitamin C. This vitamin is not only good to treat the damaged hair but also could act as a natural moisturizer to deal with dry and dull hair.

  1. Tame the Frizzy Hair

The effect of untreated dry hair is frizzy hair. However, there are also some people who are born with natural frizzy hair. The characteristic of frizzy hair is so hard to tame and the choice of hair style is also limited. Pear could assist in taming the frizzy hair so it is easy to be styled.

  1. For Nourished and Natural Hair Shine

As mentioned above for glowing and radiant skin, you could use pear as face mask. Well, it is also applicable for pear to be used as natural hair mask for nourished and natural hair shine. With pear you could save a lot of money for hair mask product.

Warning and Cautions:

Compared to the amazing list of pear’s benefits, the warning and caution of pear is almost zero as long as you consume it in appropriate amount. Pear is listed as one of the fruit that show negative allergen result so it is safe to be consumed even by infant. The only health problem that caused by pear is due to the high content of fructose found in ripe pear. Fructose is one of the types of carbohydrate that is hard to be processed in the colon. So it is not good for people who are suffering fructose mal absorption and also for those who are already having problem with their bowel to limit the consumption of pear.

The interesting fact about pear is, just like apple, the peel of the pear has more fiber which is one of the reasons why pear is highly recommended to consume and good for digestive system. As we all know fiber is essential component inside the intestine because without which the enzymes that have function to break down the food will not work optimally because fiber will assist in binding the unnecessary substances and wastes to be washed off from inside the digestive tract. So making sure to consume pear along with the skin but you have to make sure that you have wash it really carefully so there is no more dangerous chemical substances and bacteria. Wash it with running water, better is cold water, and rub it with your hands.