11 Proven Health Benefits of Drinking Horchata #1 Fresh

Horchata is a name of several beverages made by ground almond, sesame seeds, rice, barley, tiger nuts and even melon seeds. It is also known as orxata. Mostly found in Spain and Europian country. But horchata originally from Valencia. Horchata can be made by only water, sugar and tiger nut. But in some country, they […]

10 Health Benefits of Irish Breakfast Tea # Relaxing

An Irish Breakfast Tea is a blend consisting of several types of black tea, most notably Assam Teas. This has made the Irish breakfast tea to have a strong brew and flavor, and higher caffeine content as compared to the white tea, green tea or even the oolong tea. When brewed, the Irish breakfast tea […]

Surprising Health Benefits of Whiskey for Cold Remedy

“Drinking alcohol? No way!” The sentence above could be the reaction of people when they are being asked to drink some alcohol. Alcohol is often connoted with bad things, such as drunkenness. Old people usually tell their children or young children to avoid consuming alcohol because it’s not good for health. But that bad stigma […]

7 Proven Health Benefits of Drinking Reverse Osmosis Water

Reverse osmosis water, is water that purified from some technology processes that uses a semi permeable membrane to remove ions, molecules and larger particles from drinking water. You might call it with a water that being drunk whit out being boiled or heated to 100 degrees of Celsius. It is purely from water that flowing […]

10 Health Benefits of Tarragon Juice for Better Body System

There are several medical conditions that can treat using the health benefits of tarragon juice. Therefore, this herbal plant is a common alternative to deal with several medical diseases. Not only easy to make, but the advantage is numerous and the ingredients is easy to find too. Hence, it is one of the alternative invented […]

12 Health Benefits of Honey, Cinnamon and Ginger

Flu is one of the common viruses that could attack anyone. This kind of condition is not going to be fatal but could be really annoying because due to that you should postpone some important meetings so your clients would not be affected or contemplate by yourself at home watching boring old movies just for […]

15 Health Benefits of Drinking Kava and Recommendation Intake

If you ever feel super anxious at a time and nothing can stop you, you maybe will get the prescription from the doctor. If you ever read about health benefits of calea zacatechichi, this plant is also able to cure your anxiety. But then, it also might include a medicine made from kava. Kava is […]

12 Health Benefits of Collagen Drink #1 Anti-Aging Tips

Esthetic and beauty is one of the important thing for most of the woman. Therefore, health benefits of collagen drink is one that considered by some beauty treatment. Since it has been known for recent years that collagen bring important effect on the skin and body. Making this kind of drink is become alternate way […]

Top 10 Health Benefits of Organo Gold Hot Chocolate

The history of chocolate could be traced back into ancient time and once believed to be a gift from God. Chocolate is originated from America and then through Christopher Columbus, the cacao beans were introduced to the Europeans in the 16th century. Since then the popularity of chocolate as delicious and healthy drink has been […]

7 Health Benefits of Drinking Jagermeister #1 Unexpected

There are a lot of people out there who are wondering about whether alcohol beverage could bring benefits to human health? Jagermeister is probably not really popular among other well-known alcohol beverages but this liquor has a very long history in health world that may surprise you and one of them are including the health […]