10 Insane Health Benefits of Baccaurea Racemosa (Menteng)

Baccaurea Racemosa is known as Menteng, Kapundung, Mundung and Burmese Grape. Menteng is one of the most popular regional names in the city of Jakarta which was inspired by the other name of Baccaurea Racemosa. According to the classification from United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the species is from the Plantae kingdom, the Tracheobionta […]

20 Health Benefits of Chili Leaves – Medical – Beauty – Culinary Uses

Chili is well-known as spicy herbs and spices that usually contains in food as seasoning. Thus, the world’s hottest chili is Carolina Reaper that peaks at 2.2 Million SHU. Yet. there are many types of chili that usually uses in Asia culinary. Thus, we all know about the Health Benefits of Chili but you never that chili […]

18 Health Benefits of Blackberry Leaves (No.5 is Amazing)

Blackberry is a fruit from Rosaceae family. Meanwhile, blackberry has sweet and sour taste. This fruit is usually process as jam, seedless jelly, dessert, or food dressing. Thus, blackberry is familiar in our menu but most people do not know about its benefits. Thus, it’s not only the fruits but its leaves also have amazing […]

33 Health Benefits of White Wine (#3 Shots)

White wine is one kind of alcoholic beverages. Indeed, white wine main ingredient is grape by fermentation process. Meanwhile, there are different methods of each wine making. Thus, white wine is popular in countries with four seasons such as America and Europe countries. Nevertheless, in Asia and Africa white wine is rarely touch as their […]

30 Health Benefits of Mung Beans (#1 Pregnancy and Baby)

Have you ever eaten mung beans? Meanwhile, mung beans comes from India and now is growing as a super food in Asia, especially Southeast Asia. Indeed, the mung beans sprouts is the part where it’s beneficial to eat. Mung beans tastes sweet and savory and you can cook it as side dish. In some Asia […]

25 Proven Health Benefits of Drinking Whisky (No.20 Cheers)

Everyone knows that whisky or whiskey is the type of alcoholic beverage. As it said alcoholic, most of people thought that whisky is danger for health. In case you ever heard, whisky is actually a stilled beverage made from fermented raw material such as grain mash. Thus, whisky has variety tastes and raw materials such […]

26 Health Benefits of Red Spinach for Eyes, Skin, and Hair

There are three types of spinach which are green spinach, red spinach (Blitum rubrum), and white spinach (Blitum album). Thus, we all already familiar with green spinach and ever tasted it, as the Popeye’s favorite food that is rich of nutrients. Likewise, red spinach and white spinach is very rare and most people don’t know […]

25 Benefits of Drinking Hot Water for Health and Beauty

Water is the essential substances of human body. Likewise, 70% of our body consists of water and that is way the average people need at least 2 liters of water or 4-8 glass of water a day. It is due to water function to keep the work of our cells and organs. Meanwhile, water flows […]

35 Benefits of Almond Oil for Health and Beauty

Almond is the family of tree nut –Prunus dulcis grown in Middle Eats and still related to cherries, plums and peaches families. Indeed, almond fruit is literally not a nut, but a drupe measures 3.5–6 cm thick, leathery, grey-green coat. Meanwhile, the seed of its fruit is called almond nut that we all known so popular as food ingredient. Despite of almond […]

Top 30 Benefits of Cheese for Health and Beauty

Cheese is a food derived from processed milk using bacteria and enzyme named rennet by coagulation process. Indeed, cheese can be added as topping for food and beverage, as the main ingredients or you can just eat it itself. Actually, there are thousands types of cheese from every countries and its food is popular in all […]