What is the Benefit of Doing Halasana Yoga? Here’s 13 Facts

Halasana pose is a yoga pose that resembles a wooden plow, therefore it is also known for Plough or Plow pose. In Sanskrit, Hala means plow and Asana means seat or posture. Different pose from benefits of lizard pose yoga. The pose is highly recommended in relieving back pains that might occur because of various […]

8 Facts about Benefits of Lizard Pose Yoga and How to Do it

The Lizard pose or Utthan Pristhasana is a pose in yoga that has been popular in most of yoga class and yoga pose, or you can read health benefits of ustrasana and how to do it. The pose focused in hips, therefore female probably doing that more often than male. It is also because the […]

11 Health Benefits of Paschimottanasana and How to Do it

Diabetes is a dangerous deficiency because it might affect the whole body and also trigger to some diseases. Those symptoms of diabetes you can read on diabetes symptoms. Recent study proves that four percent of youngster in India is suffering diabetes. The reason of diabetes is probably because of lifestyle changes. However, the medical world […]

11 Health Benefits of Ustrasana and How to Do it

Ustrasana or known for camel pose is a pose of yoga that resembles a camel. That name Ustra comes from Sanskrit means camel, and Asana means pose or posture. The pose makes the benefit in flexibility and digestion. Or you can also read benefits of yoga. Practicing the pose correctly actually makes almost all of […]

8 Health Benefits of Yoga for Arthritis and Recommendation

In this present time, eastern philosophy sports such as yoga are getting many attentions. Therefore, people start to learn yoga and do this activity at their spare time. Of course, it brings so many benefit. Especially health benefits of yoga for arthritis, which encourage elderly to start practicing yoga as one of their favorite exercise. […]

15 Benefits of Yoga for Cancer Patients That Will Astonish You

Learning yoga has many benefits. Besides helping us to deal with stress and anxiety, who knows that yoga actually useful for cancer treatment. This is not a theory but it is a fact. Many testimonies come from cancer patient that yoga is a guard- safer for them. The Secret behind this is the healing power […]

13 Health Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a truly precious lifetime moment. It has been every women dream about. The moment of having bundle of joy inside your tummy for months is irreplaceable. Therefore, you need to really take care of your pregnancy by doing healthy life style while preparing the delivering process. In order to stay fit longer and […]

18 Best Benefits of Yoga for Weight Loss (#It Works for Healthy Diet!)

Who doesn’t know about yoga? Yoga is considered as one of the most famous exercises nowadays because it offers a lot of benefits not just for your body, but for your mind too. In the matter of fact, many people are considering yoga as their lifestyle right now. So, yoga is an ancient Indian exercise […]

20 Top Benefits of Yoga for Students – Physical – Mental Health

Yoga is considered as the ancient tradition that deals with your postures, meditation, breathing techniques, and ethical principles. Nowadays, yoga becomes very popular among adults and teenager because it will bring you a lot of health benefits. In the matter of fact, certain people have already concluded that yoga is becoming a part of their […]

19 Health Benefits of Yoga Headstand (No.17 Amazing)

Health Benefits of Yoga Headstand already be one of best type of yoga. Yoga is well known as ancient Indian philosophy that has been practiced since thousands year ago. Benefits of yoga already know around the world. It was usually practiced by Hindu people and designed yoga as a spiritual enlightenment effort or as a […]