20 Top Benefits of Yoga for Students – Physical – Mental Health

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Yoga is considered as the ancient tradition that deals with your postures, meditation, breathing techniques, and ethical principles. Nowadays, yoga becomes very popular among adults and teenager because it will bring you a lot of health benefits. In the matter of fact, certain people have already concluded that yoga is becoming a part of their lifestyle.

Well, it turns out that yoga not only beneficial for adults. Yes, yoga would also beneficial for students. We know that students are commonly don’t have much spare time to spend for yoga because of homeworks, tasks, preparing for exam, social lives, and many more. But, it is essential for students to start doing yoga as soon as possible, because it will bring a lot of positive things for your academic stuff. For you who still wondering about the benefits of yoga for students, in the lists below you will find a lot of benefits of yoga for student:

1. Makes You a Better Student

Yoga basically would offer you everything that you need to become a better student than before. This is because by doing yoga, you would learn how to improve your concentration, as well as the determination on how to achieve your goals. For example, whenever you do the tree pose, you need to fully concentrate in order to do it properly.

Also, commonly you want to do yoga because you have some set of goals, whether it is to maintain your health, get back to your ideal body shape, etc. The silver lining is, you need to have a strong commitment and maximum effort in order to achieve your goals. This thing would definitely help you to tackle every problem that you will face in the school or university.

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2. Alleviate the Pressures

As a student, there is no doubt that you have a lot of pressures to carry with you. You need to do a lot of homework with a tight deadline, preparing for various exams, or the pressure of getting good grades in order to not disappoint your parents. Those things would trigger various symptoms of depression and if you can’t handle it, it would be very dangerous for your health. So, doing yoga on a regular basis would alleviate all the pressures because it will release the ‘feel-good’ chemicals in your body called endorphine. As the result, you will have a fresh mind and become ready to tackle every challenge in your study.

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3. Make New Friends

As a student, there is no better things to do aside from having a good time together with your friends. If you’re a kind of person who always get excited to meet new people, then doing yoga would be fun for you. Whenever you’re having a yoga class, there is no doubt that your opportunity to meet new people would be bigger. Meet new friends would be beneficial in order to maintain your spirit and motivation during your study. Also, having new friends means that you will have more connections, which will beneficial whenever you’re seeking for a job, someday in the future.

 4. Yoga Provides New Community

This benefit is closely related to the benefit that already mentioned above. So, whenever you’re joining the yoga classes, then you will find a whole new community. The interesting part is, your new community obviously will share the same interest. This would be a perfect condition in order to maintain your motivation to do various yoga tricks and keep your mind fresh. Aside from that, doing yoga tricks with your new community would also become beneficial to improve the communication skill. In the matter of fact, certain schools in all over the world offer the yoga as a credit-course!

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5. Boost Your Determination

There are a lot of students in this world who are having a problem related to their fighting spirit. For example, whenever they have a difficult homework, they will give up very quickly without even try to do it by their own. They will tend to copy all of the work from their friends who are able to do it. This is not a good attitude and doing yoga in a regular basis would help the students to overcome that attitude.

In order to do yoga on a regular basis, you need a strong commitment and determination, so that you can achieve your goals. There is nothing instant in yoga and you need to trust the process on how things are going. This phenomena, undoubtedly, would boost your determination to tackle every challenge that coming at you during your study.

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6. Keep Your Mind in Peace

As a student, there is no doubt that everyday you will deal with a lot of problems, whether it is related with your academic thing or your personal thing. All of those things, if you couldn’t handle it well, will cause a frustration, stress, and instability of your emotional wellbeing. So, according to many health experts, yoga would be very beneficial to calm down the fluctuations in mind and thus, it will soothe the stress feeling. This benefit would be very important to keep your focus and concentration during your study. If you feel so frustrated about how the things are going in the schools, then doing yoga would be a healthy way to calm down your frustation.

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7. Good for Relaxation

This benefits is closely related to the benefit that already mentioned above. So, many research studies have already shown that yoga would be very beneficial to lower the blood pressure, as well as stimulate the regulation of good hormones. Those things would directly affect your body, which will make your body become relaxed. In addition to that, as already mentioned above, yoga would stimulate the production of various feel-good chemicals which will make you become a happy person. This would be very good for you as a student, so that you’re able to maintain your motivation during your study.

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8. Stimulate Open-Minded Thinking

According to many research studies, students who were doing yoga on a regular basis feel the improvement of their ability to think on a different perspective. They spoke of how yoga significantly helped them to become open minded and think clearer than before. This thing, undoubtedly, would improve the personality of the student. They will be able to accept other people’s opinion which are totally different with their opinion. In addition to that, other students also said that yoga helps them to avoid overthinking about a problem and thus, they could make a rational decision over their problems.

9. Improves Self-Regulation

This is also one of the most important benefits that you will get from doing yoga. So, according to many students, they spoke of how yoga helped them to control their reactions and emotion. This is because in yoga, we will learn about how to control our breath and thus, it will calm down all of the anger. This would be very beneficial so that students could make the best and rational decision before they’re doing something. If they’re successfully making the rational decision, then of course they will get better outcomes in every aspect in their lives.

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10. Boost Immunity

As a student, we couldn’t avoid the fact that we will have a lot of tasks to do in a short amount of time. Thus, you will do something that will be dangerous for your health, such as stay up late in the night in order to do your tasks or drinking too much coffee to accompany you at the midnight. Those things definitely would not be good for your health.

By doing yoga on a regular basis, you will have a better immune system. Thus, you won’t get sick easily, even whenever you’re doing something that will be harmful for your health. So, yoga could improve the immune system because it would raise the antibodies. In addition to that, don’t forget that yoga will also be beneficial to alleviate all of the symptoms of depression, as well as make you happier.

11. Alleviate All of the Addictions

Most of the students would do everything they need so that they will get the right mood to do their tasks, even if those things are unhealthy such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and many more. Those things would be very dangerous for your health if you become addicted to them. One of the best way sto alleviate all of the addictions of many unhealthy things is by doing yoga. In the matter of fact, many research studies have shown that yoga would be greatly beneficial to keep you from addictions and drugs. As the result, you will be healthier and you will not spend out the money for unnecessary things.

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12. Better Quality in Sleep

One of the greatest benefits that the students will get from doing yoga is that they will be able to sleep in a better quality. Certain yoga tricks, namely Savasana, would teach your body on how to relax and cool down after a very hard workout. In addition to that, you will also learn how to breathe properly so that your body is able to relax. This thing, undoubtedly, would be beneficial whenever you want to sleep at night. You will be able to sleep deeper than before, especially whenever your body is physically tired. Better quality in sleep means that you will get a fresh start on the next day.

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13. Beneficial for Relationship

There is no doubt that all of the students would feel a little bit motivated whenever they have a good relationship with someone else. Having a good connection with their parents, friends, or boyfriend/girlfriend will boost their energy to tackle every challenge that comes at them. So, it turns out that yoga would be beneficial to increase the quality of your relationship with other people. This is because a regular yoga practice would develop compassions and friendliness. Also, yoga will teach you  on how to tell the truth and treat people nicely. Those things would improve the quality of your relationships with other people.

14. Encourages Self Care

As a student, sometimes we need to do a lot of tasks on a tight deadline so that we are forced to sacrifice our health. In order to catch the deadline, we are forced to stay up late in the night, consuming too much coffee at the same night, and many more. Those things would not be good for your health in the long run. By doing yoga, you will be encouraged to take care of yourself. This is because yoga will give you all of the tools that you need so that you can change into the better way. By doing yoga on a regular basis, you will feel the importance of being fit whenever doing various activities in your everyday’s life.

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15. Improves Concentration

This is one of the most obvious benefits that you will get from doing yoga as a student. Whenever you’re doing yoga, you will be also practicing on how to do the mindful meditation. This meditation would be very beneficial because it would improve your ability to concentrate on things and not to get distracted easily. Whenever you apply it in your school’s life, then it would boost your academic performance. For example when you’re doing various exams, you would be able to focus on your job to study and not get distracted by unnecessary things. Thus, don’t be surprised if you finally get a good grade in your exam.

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16. Improves Academic Performances

This benefit is closely related to the benefit that already mentioned above. So, whenever you’re doing yoga on a regular basis, then it would automatically boost your academic performances too. There are several reasons why yoga would improve your academic performances. First, yoga will teach you on how to focus and concentrate on your job and thus, it will improve your concentration while doing your tasks in school. Second, yoga will also teach you how to relax and take a deep breath. This thing would be beneficial, especially when you’re feeling nervous before taking the exam. Just sit down and take a deep breath would calm down your nerve and you will perform better in the exams.

17. Improves Physical Conditioning

As a student, there is no doubt that we won’t spend all of our time just to study. We also have some other activities that required a lot of physical conditioning, such as sports and many more. Doing yoga regularly would improve the energy level whenever you’re doing physical activities. This is because yoga would support and improve your flexibility, strength, and balance, which is highly required in physical activities. Thus, don’t be surprised if you have an energy like an athlete, although you’re not an athlete.

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18. You Will Learn How to Sit

Have you ever felt that you couldn’t sit down in a long amount of time whenever you’re doing your tasks or homework? There is no surprise that sit down in the same place in a long time would make our back and leg hurts.Well, doing yoga would fix this problem. Yoga will teach you how to meditate in a proper way and you need to fully focus about it. Also, yoga would stretch your muscles so that whenever you’re not using them, you wouldn’t be in pain. So, whenever you want to do your tasks or studying all day long in the library that requires you to sit in a long amount of time, practicing yoga would be very beneficial.

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19. Increases Self-Confidence

Yoga would also increase your self-confidence, which is highly required by every student to tackle every challenge during their study. According to many research studies, many students were hesitated to do yoga because they were not sure whether they can do it or not at the beginning. However, many of those students spoke about how their confidence was improved throughout the year after they were able to do various yoga tricks. Those experiences, without a doubt, would be very beneficial for the mental growth of the students. They will have a mindset that they can do everything when they have the determination to try.

20. Maintains Your Body Posture

As a student, sometimes we need to sit down in a very long time. This phenomena would cause a pain in our backs and if we continue to do like this in a frequent amount of time, then we will have a poor body posture. This is dangerous because poor body posture would lead you to frequent headache and other compromised health. So, doing a lot of yoga pose would significantly repair your body and maintain it in a good shape. A simple yoga series such as lifting your arms over your head and keep your hands shoulder distance apart would be very good to maintain the health of your body posture.

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Simple Yoga Poses for Students

After you read all of the health benefits that you will get from yoga as a student, then we bet that you want to do various yoga poses as soon as possible. We know that you, as a student, wouldn’t have much time to practise yoga. So, here are various simple yoga poses that you can do in order to get the full advantage of yoga for your academic life.

1. Yoga Face Plant

First, you need to sit on your desk. Then, bring your forearms to the desktop and let the hands rest in one top of each other. Then, bring your forehead to rest on your head. Breathe softly and close your eyes. This yoga pose would be very beneficial to alleviate the stress, and also calm your minds.

2. Sun Salutation

This pose is very beneficial to alleviate the tiredness in your body. First, you need to inhale and then raise your arms over your head. Then, you need to exhale and bring your arms down to the ground as well as bend your knees as much as you can. Also read: Health Benefits of Sun Meditation

3. Meditation on the Breath

This yoga pose would be very beneficial to improve your concentration and focus. As the first step, you need to sit either on the floor or in a chair.Then, place your hands in your thighs with palms down and then breathe softly. Close your eyes and count the number of your inhales and exhales.

Qualities That You Will Possess From Yoga as a Student

The student who is doing yoga on a regular basis would have a lot of advantages compared to those who don’t do yoga. In case you’re wondering about the quality that you will gain from yoga, here are various benefits that a student will get from yoga:

1. Compassion. Students who are doing yoga on a regular basis would have better compassion. Whenever you’re doing yoga, it means that you care about your health. This would boost your compassion, because compassion should start from ourselves. If we have compassion for ourselves, then we will also have compassion towards other people.

2. Curiosity. Students will have better curiosity about things whenever they’re doing yoga regularly. Whenever you do a yoga pose, then of course you need to know how to do it. This thing would increase the curiosity among students in the different aspects of their lives. They will have a better courage to ask the teacher too whenever they want to know about something.

3. Perseverance. Learning how to do various yoga tricks wouldn’t be easy. You need to do them on many occasions in order to fully master them. Good yoga students wouldn’t see the failure as the sign that they can’t do things, but they would see the failure as the opportunity to do better than before. This quality wouldn’t be possessed by students who are not doing yoga.

So, now you already know all of the benefits of yoga for students. When it comes to yoga, you need to have a strong commitment and determination in order to do it regularly. After all, yoga would offer a lot of advantages for you as a student, so you need to start to do it as soon as possible. Stay healthy!

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