8 Health Benefits of Yoga for Arthritis and Recommendation

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In this present time, eastern philosophy sports such as yoga are getting many attentions. Therefore, people start to learn yoga and do this activity at their spare time. Of course, it brings so many benefit. Especially health benefits of yoga for arthritis, which encourage elderly to start practicing yoga as one of their favorite exercise. This activity requires strength, balance and flexibility. This all the elements which is important for people with arthritis problem. For more benefit try to add hemp oil benefits for arthritis.

Before getting into the benefit, it is better to understand a little bit about yoga. It is a set of practices that originally comes from ancient India. It comes from Sanskrit language and focus in unifying the mind, body and spirit. Furthermore, it benefits to help people on reaching calmness, happiness, freedom and enlighten. This is almost the same benefits of exercise for emotional health. Beside those benefit, yoga also brings health benefits as the same with another sport activities.

For the few decades, yoga become popular in western countries. There are several stages of yoga, started from the low impact up to the high impact. Therefore, not only to calm the mind, it brings to weight loss too if perform regularly. And since it brings benefit for arthritis, many medical practitioners start to recommend this practice for arthritis patient. Below are health benefits of yoga for arthritis:

1. Increase Muscle Strength

By practicing yoga, it can help to increase the muscle strength of the arthritis patient. Most of those who suffer of arthritis complaining about their muscle begin to weakness. Therefore, by keeping this kind of exercise, the muscle strength can be maintained. Specially for elderly who gradually lost their muscle capability. By doing yoga, the body will let go of muscle tension. This is the same benefits of glutamine.

2. Promote Balance

Yoga also help to promote balance. The several poses help to increase the stability of the body component. Mainly for arthritis patient who loss some balance due to the ache in the joints. Therefore, the health benefits of yoga for arthritis patient is including to helps the patient to keep performing their physical activity.

3. Fewer Bodily Aches

Yoga is also associated with increased energy and fewer bodily aches and pains. It brings a wide range of physical benefits that may helpful for persons living with a chronic illness such as arthritis. This is the same benefits of exercise for bone health. Since bone exercise is also produces less possibility of injury.

4. Safe Type of Exercise

Another health benefits of yoga for arthritis is to bring a safe exercise. The low impact yoga is focusing to the body flexibility and breathing system. Therefore, it tends to safe to perform.

5. Promote Joint Health

Yoga can be performed in many different ways to help protect the joints and adapted to the specific needs of the arthritis patient. Therefore, if you have problems with your wrists, you can make adjustments to protect them. This is the sam ehealth benefits coriander seeds soaker water. That is good to promote joint health too.

6. Improve Endurance

Regular physical activity is important for people with arthritis, who often have decreased muscle strength, physical energy, and endurance. This can result a downward spiral where pain increases, leading to more inactivity which leads to greater pain and disability. Therefore, another health benefits of yoga for arthritis is including good to improve the endurance. 

7. Increase Physical Energy

In persons with arthritis, yoga exercise play a big role to increase the physical energy. By perform yoga in regular exercise, the body can be more active and lead to physical strength. Hence, the arthritis patient can avoid weakness and keep the body fit.

8. Improve Wellbeing

It’s also been shown to build positive feelings, and ease anxiety. For people who have an ongoing illness, particularly one that’s painful and unpredictable, the mood-boosting impact of yoga is a great bonus. So it’s important to manage stress effectively due to the arthritis symptoms. With a positive mind, the pain and symptoms can be avoided.

Yoga Poses That Should Be Avoid by People with Arthritis

Even though this exercise is good for arthritis patient, still there are some cautions to be made. It has some poses that suggested not to perform for people with arthritis pain. Below are some poses that shall be considered to avoid:

1. The main rule for arthritis patient is that if it hurts, stop. Particularly if you have activity limitations. Therefore, avoid to continue if there is some pain feeling.

2. Arthritis patients shall be carefully when doing backbend yoga. Caution not to hyper-extend the neck and keeping the head in line with the rest of the spine.

3. For those with arthritis of the hip, be careful when you pose with extreme hips external rotation.

4. It is important to be gentle with your first yoga. If there is no pain after a few days, the exercise can gradually increase the intensity of the poses.

5. Choose a gentle type of yoga, such as hatha, Anusara, or Iyengar. Avoid power yoga, Ashtanga, Bikram or hot yoga, or Kundalini which cause a high impact and not too good for arthritis patient.

6. Be sure to consult the medical practitioner if experience any pain or difficulty due to yoga practice. Find out the limitations or restrictions related to the joints. If some joints are more damaged than others, be extra careful about how to use them to avoid pain or stiffness.

7. Perform yoga with an experienced and certified professional. Find a yoga instructor with an advanced level of training and experience working with people who have arthritis. Do not perform yoga by yourself with a video or the TV guide since it might not suitable.