12 Health Benefits of Bikram Yoga (No.4 Insane)

What is Bikram Yoga and what is the difference of this type of yoga with the conventional one? That’s must be the first question that is crossing your mind. Bikram yoga is 90 minutes session with about 26 postures to be done but the difference with the conventional yoga is the environment. Bikram yoga will […]

22 Vajrasana Health Benefits (No.16 Adult Need)

For those who like to practice Yoga, the word Vajrasana may not sound strange, some of them may even routinely practice it. However for common people who do not know anything about Yoga, Vajrasana word would give no idea at all. This writing would talk about Vajrasana, mainly its benefits for both physical and mental […]

89 Benefits of Yoga For Men – Women – Kids – Mental Health

Benefits of yoga for body health can not be underestimated again, there are a lot of research is revealing its very amazing benefits for health, mental, and even more problems such as woman, man and kids. Large popularity of Yoga would likely make you familiar with its name whether or not you practice this treatment at […]