16 Health Benefits of Eating Ezekiel Bread (#Evidence-Based)

Ezekiel bread which is well known as Bible or Biblical bread is made from organic and sprouted grains. People prepare it by soaking, sprouting and baking it with traditional methods. It contains four types of cereal grains such as spelt, millet, barley, wheat and two types of legumes such as soybeans and lentils. Nowadays, Ezekiel […]

15 Health Benefits of Korralu #Best Super Food

Korallu, also better known as foxtail millet is a kind of cereal seeds plant which widely cultivated in mostly countries in East Asia and South East Asia. Unfortunately, Indonesia is not included as the country which has large plantation of millet even though it belongs to South East Asia part. For those living in East […]

30 Scientific Health Benefits of Whole Grains #Works for Diabetes Cure

In modern world, with so many options of diet program, people tend to be careful in choosing what they should eat today. When talking about grains, some warnings like “avoid wheat”, “weight gain” and “gluten content” are common to occur, in the end, people will avoid grains at all cost. However, those people just don’t […]

18 Health Benefits of Lentils (No.3 Best in Earth)

Health Benefits of Lentils very impressive for some side of human body and long life. Lentil is common crops which used as culinary purposes since long ago. Lentil belongs to legumes family and it is regard as the most ancient legumes plant that has been cultivated by human. Lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) is a plant […]

17 Proven Health Benefits of Tapioca (No.5 Vital)

Tapioca can be consumed in its natural form after proper cooking process, but it also comes in several culinary forms such as pearls, flakes and pellets that are multifunction because they can be used for a variety of desserts. Extracted from the cassava plant roots, tapioca is now used around the world for cooking due […]

17 Hidden Benefits of Papaya Seeds (No.3 Is Best)

Health benefits of papaya already known around the world as one of the best fruit with a lot of nutritions. Not so many people likes papaya, well not so many know papaya anyway. But behind its unpopularity, papaya secretly carries some of the most amazing health benefits for our body. Besides the fruits, the seeds of papaya […]

15 Proven Lotus Seed Benefits (No.13 Shocked Everyone)

Lotus seed originated in India, and considered as vegetable in some cultures. In China and Japan they sell the leaves, seeds, roots, and stems as traditional ingredients dishes. Lotus seeds also known as convenient snack that contains protein with calcium, phosphorus, manganese, iron and potassium. The antioxidants are useful to slow the aging process and […]

37 Real Health Benefits of Fennel Seed and Its Side Effects

Fennel is native to Southern Europe and this herbaceous plant reaches up to 2 meters. In general, fennel seeds closely similar to anise seeds in appearance over their surface. Fennel seed has been revered as Anglo-Saxon sacred herbs for conventional health benefits. Fennel is a member of the carrot. Like other carrot, fennel grows stalks […]

Top 22 Benefits of Chia Seeds : Proven Research

The cute and tiny chia seeds are offering numerous health benefits for human’s body. Coming from mint family flowering plant, chia seeds are becoming popular due to its fiber and omega-3 fats contained that are highly required by human. Adding chia seeds to your daily meals will boost your energy and help you cut down […]

14 Great Benefits of Sunflower Seeds (No.1 Unbelievable)

For gaining healthy life, we should pay more attention to our daily intake and it has been realized by scientist nutrition. By consuming complex plant foods like seeds, whole grains, and nuts can add more nutrition and fulfil daily nutrition intake. Mothe nature has created almost every nutritional plant that will add nutrients to your […]