10 Wonderful Benefits of Lotus Herbal Whitening Cream for Better Skin Tone

Each woman will loves the benefits of lotus herbal whitening cream. This is because white skin is every woman dream. Therefore, many woman try to get the best skincare product to result a better skin tone and the most important thing is to make them look beautiful. Looking at this fact, a new research on […]

11 Fantastic Benefits of Lotus Night Cream for Skin Face

Skin care is quite essential to most woman. Therefore, this is one of the important thing for beauty and commonly wear. Including the benefits of lotus night cream that believed can help to bring a great result on woman skin. That is why lotus cream is one of the skin care that use around the […]

15 Health Benefits of Water Lily Flower As Herbal Treatments

Water Lily is a unique species of flower, as it has the ability to survive above water. In contrast to other flowers or plants that grow on ground, lotus needs water to survive. We can find lotuses in fish ponds or anywhere with calm waters. Not many people realize the strength of lotus flowers, especially […]

12 Health Benefits of Lotus Root Vegetable #Top Organic Food

At some places, sometimes we found the people take the health benefits of lotus as the material of their food. All part of the plant such as its root, leaves, beans, or even the young stalk can be processed into any kind of healthy organic food. Get to Know about Lotus Plant Lotus is a […]

25 Health Benefits of Lotus Flower #1 Top Herbal Plant

Lotus is one of plant that lived at muddy area such as pond and swamp. This flower comes from India and Vietnam and become the icon of those 2 countries. It has some Latin name such as Nelumbo nucifera, Nelumbium nelumbo, Nelumbo speciosa, and Nelumbium speciosum. Many of us considered lotus as water lily, but […]

15 Proven Lotus Seed Benefits (No.13 Shocked Everyone)

Lotus seed originated in India, and considered as vegetable in some cultures. In China and Japan they sell the leaves, seeds, roots, and stems as traditional ingredients dishes. Lotus seeds also known as convenient snack that contains protein with calcium, phosphorus, manganese, iron and potassium. The antioxidants are useful to slow the aging process and […]