12 Hidden Benefits From Rambutan Seed For The Health

Rambutan fruit may bring many benefits for the health. But the benefits from rambutan seed might be ignored by many peoples. Most of the people prefer to waste the seed and never try to use it or gain any advantages from the seed. Therefore, the information of rambutan seed might be hidden so far. Furthermore, […]

12 Benefits of Fenugreek Seed for Breast Enlargement (Natural Beauty)

Breast is a vital part of woman’s body. It is also plays important role when nursing a baby. But, unfortunately, not all breast’s size are all the same. Sometimes, women feel insecure whether the breast is too small or too big. But, most complaint came from woman with very small breast. Some women believe having […]

Check These 8 Health Benefits of Sabja Seed (No.1 Good for Weight Loss)

Sabja is what Indian people would call basil plant. In Indonesia it is called kemangi, the leaves often eaten raw (unprocessed) with other fresh salad (cabbage, green beans, and a few slice of cucumber) as companion to main food such as fried fish, or roasted chicken. There are many varieties of sabja plant, all of […]

These 7 Health Benefits of Bush Mango Seed Will Surprise You!

African fruits have always been interesting research subject for scientists or maybe, fruit enthusiasts. They found that those fruits have unique properties, and very appealing. Even the seeds can be useful sometimes. One of them beneficial seeds can be found inside bush mango fruit. It’s native of Central African, and commonly found and cultivated there. […]

Health Benefits of Jamun Seed Powder – Diabetes Mellitus Treatment

Hmmm, jamun? What’s that? The term jamun may sound unfamiliar, however the true form of it is definitely familiar to Indonesians. Yes, jamun is actually jamblang in Indonesian, or the black plum in English. Its scientific name is the “Syzygium cumini.” Meanwhile jamun is the Indian term of the fruit, citing its origins in the […]

Top 10 Health Benefits of Berry Seeds That May Surprise You

There are some discussions about whether you should spit, chew or just swallow the berry seeds. The size of most berry varieties are small enough to be chewed and the seeds are way even smaller, so sometime spitting them is not the option at all but then you should chew or just swallow them directly. […]

10 Super Health Benefits of Egusi Seeds

Egusi seed is almost the same as sunflower seeds. The seeds are light brown. In addition to the fruit that can be consumed, it turns out the seeds can also be consumed. That is why consuming these seeds is highly recommended. Even the health benefits of egusi seeds contain many health benefits. Egusi seed contains […]

12 Astonishing Health Benefits of Green Fennel Seed

Maybe it’s a bit unfamiliar in your daily words, but there is a plant from carrot family and it has lots of benefits for our body. It’s called fennel, and people mostly confuse this with parsley because it has similar form. This plant has a thick scent and usually used for cooking, but nowadays it […]

24 Health Benefits of Moringa Seed Oil (No.1 is Super)

What is Moringa Seed Oil? Moringa seed oil is an oil extracted from the seeds of Moringa tree which is also known as the Drumstick tree. Moringa seed oil also has another name, it is often called Ben oil,  because of the high amounts of behenic acid in the moringa seed oil. You may also […]

11 Top Health Benefits of Apricots Seeds #No.3 is Great

Still in the theme about health, this time we will discuss about health benefits of apricots seeds. Apricot? What is it? Apricot or in latin name Prunus armeniaca is one of species from subgenus Prem. The original place of this fruit is still unknown. Because this fruit has been cultivated since prehistoric. There is a […]