Unpredictable Health Benefits of Malted Sorghum

Health benefits of malted sorghum is a food that is highly recommended for consumption. Because these foods contain nutrient-dense. Not only that, sorghum is quality food with a processing system that takes into account the quality level of sorghum. Sorghum can be made into a variety of dishes. And suitable to be used as the […]

Amazing Health Benefits of Nigerian Amala

Have you ever heard of “Amala” food? Amala is local food for the Nigerian population. When seen, Amala is shaped like a delicious chocolate ice cream scoop. Health benefits of Nigerian amala are made from sweet potatoes, cassava flour, or raw plantain flour. How do you make Nigerian amala? Amala ingredients are first peeled and […]

Unpredictable Health Benefits of Zucchini Noodles

Maybe some of the readers are not familiar enough with the name zucchini especially in the form of processed zucchini noodles like the health benefits of Chinese noodles. But, in western foods, zucchini is often the main choice. Zucchini is a type of vegetable from the species of Cucurbita pepo and is often also called […]

The Health Benefits of Red Rice Kattu Yanam – You Probably Don’t Know

There are many varieties of rice grow in South India, one of the most popular and has an abundant amount of nutrient is Kattu Yanam. Kattu Kattu Yanam is one of the red rice varieties originally planted in India. Its name consists of two words, Kattu or Kadu which means forest and Yanai meaning elephant. […]

The Powerful Health Benefits of Thinai Rice from Tamil

Thinai Rice named must be unfamiliar to several of you. It basically comes from Tamil culture as a part of offering to Lord Muruga of Tamil Nadu. It has several names like Bertia in Hindi, Awa in Japanese, Sekui in Malaysia, and Foxtail Millet in English. Here are more about Health Benefits of Tuwo Rice […]

The Powerful Health Benefits of Tuwo Rice from Nigeria

Have you ever heard “ Tuwo Rice”? If you have not heard it before, here we will explain more about what is Tuwo rice and what’s the health benefits this Tuwo rice has.  First, we should know the origin of this rice, it comes from Nigeria, one of its most traditional way to serve rice. […]

7 Excellent Benefits of Banza Pasta (This Pasta Packs Have A Lot of Protein!)

Are you fond of Italian food? If you are, then you must be familiar with pasta and its variants. Ever since its first founding a long time ago, many variations of pasta have been created. Many instant pasta producers began to experiment with new ingredients and flavour. One of unique instant pasta is banza pasta. […]

Finally Revealed! 12 Amazing Benefits of Edamame Pasta

Pasta is one of most popular Italian dishes, along with pizza, spaghetti, lasagne, macaroni, tiramisu, etc. It is now available in almost every country, and come with various shape and forms. A pasta that is not served in restaurant is called instant pasta. One of instant pasta that you can cook at home is pasta […]

Check These 12 Awesome Benefits of Dreamfields Pasta (No.5 Good for Diabetes)

Since a long time ago, pasta has been people’s favorite to serve as staple food, along with other popular Italian cuisines, such as pizza, spaghetti, and lasagne. It can be found in many restaurants. Its popularity is not limited to Western countries, many people in Asia and Africa also choose pasta as their main dish. […]

Health Benefits of Low GI Bread, The Secret Behind Low GI Diet

There are a lot of types of lifestyle and there are a lot of types of diet as well. The recent trend shows that a lot of people are interested to learn more about Low Gi Diet which is the popular name of Low-Glycemic diet; it is a concept of diet based on glycemic index […]