7 Excellent Health Benefits of Running in Cold Weather

Do you love to do exercise? What kind of exercise do you love? Swimming, riding a bike, or running? In this article, we will talk about an exercise that everybody loves. Yes, running is a kind of exercises which people usually do. They can run in the morning or night as well. Then, people can […]

15 Unknown Benefits of Exercise for Emotional Health

We are all every day moving as living beings. Exercise is a body move that strengthens and nourishes the body, which is done regularly and not excessively. There are many kinds of exercise, such as jogging, horse riding, swimming, etc. However, lately because of busy working and other things, most of us rarely do exercise. […]

13 Health Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a truly precious lifetime moment. It has been every women dream about. The moment of having bundle of joy inside your tummy for months is irreplaceable. Therefore, you need to really take care of your pregnancy by doing healthy life style while preparing the delivering process. In order to stay fit longer and […]

25 Benefits of Exercise for Mental Health (No.1 Is Excellent)

When it comes to healthy living lifestyle, most people are only concerning about their physical health and forget about their mental health. Sometimes, they only aware of how they look in the mirror and what people thought about their appearances, whether they are fat or slim enough. They only concern about how much time they […]

14 Benefits of Chocolate Milk After Workout (#1 Bodybuilding)

After doing sport, most people will drink mineral water or any energizing drink in order to revitalize and recharge their energy which released out of the sweat. However, it is less known that there is another more useful yet very recommended by many healthy nutritionist to be drunk after doing sport; chocolate milk. The benefits […]

16 Proven Health Benefits of Hurdles (No.2 Amazing)

Hurdles is one type of running for some distances by jumping the hurdles that have been prepared. The height of the hurdles has been adjusted during the race. Hurdles is said to be the most difficult type of running since it involves the ability to generate the strength of our muscles and the knowledge of […]

29 Health Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (No.13 For Everyone)

Good day to you, fellow readers! Today, I want to bring up to you the topic about healthy lifestyle! Since, you might have already browsed around our website and find an abundance of articles regarding healthy food and beverages, let me shakes things up a little bit and give you a breath of fresh air! […]