7 Excellent Health Benefits of Running in Cold Weather

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Do you love to do exercise? What kind of exercise do you love? Swimming, riding a bike, or running? In this article, we will talk about an exercise that everybody loves. Yes, running is a kind of exercises which people usually do. They can run in the morning or night as well. Then, people can achieve the health benefit of running such as to protect the healthy heart. Besides, what about running in cold weather? If you are curious about how running in cold weather can be good for our body, let’s check the health benefits of running in cold weather below.

1. The Ideal Weather

Have you ever felt so hot after running a mile? Yes, this is linked to the warming process of the body. Then, if you want to have a good feeling while running, then cold weather is the ideal one for you. As Tom Holland, an exercise physiologist, sports performance coach, and author of The Marathon Method said, the cold weather can reduce heat stress and makes an easier run. Indeed, it will affect the body by relaxing and making the body calm. Thus, if you want to enjoy a run but still getting the great benefits, then running in cold weather may be the best option.

2. Promotes Healthy Heart

In fact, running can be great to promote the healthy heart. But, if you run in cold weather, it will boost the benefit. Cold weather can boost the heart to work harder and promote the good blood regulation in the body. Indeed, it will help to make the stronger heart muscle during the cold weather. For the tips, you can eat whole grains to boost healthy heart as you can see health benefits of whole grains. Thus, you can try to run in cold weather for the better experience and healthier body.

3. Burns Calories

You can not deny that running in cold weather can burn calories. Though the calories you burn indoors will be much more than while you are outside in cold weather, but it is something that should be taken into account. For the tips, you can wear the jacket while running as a way to burn calories and sweat. You can also check for Foods and Drinks Calories Table.

4. Energizes Body

If you decided to run in cold weather, then you can get the best health benefits of running. One of the health benefits of running in cold weather is to energize the body. By doing this, you can burn calories and sweating. As a result, it will help to promote the energy building in the body. Also, take notes to always have your meals before running in cold weather. Then, your food will be converted into energy for sure.

5. Helps Losing Weight

One of the great ways to support diet is by doing exercise. There are many kinds of exercise you can do. In this case, running in cold weather can be the great option. It will help you to burn more calories and fat. This is such a free and powerful way to manage your body weight. For the tips, to balance your diet, it is recommended to consume healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables regularly. Then, you can also check for health benefits of salad greens for having the healthy diet.

6. Improves Mood

Do you feel tired after working day? Or someone hurts your feeling? Then, it is time to run in cold weather. The exercise you do during cold weather can help you to lift the mood up. Indeed, it is linked to the humidity and the air feeling which makes you feel calm and chill. Moreover, when the weather gives you cold, in contrast, the body gets warmer during running or workout.

We can not deny that running can release stress, depression, and bad feeling. Besides, based on a study published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology stated that people that doing exercise outdoors can achieve more energy and less depression. Indeed, you can achieve the benefits of exercise. As a result, you will feel happier and have more energy for sure.

7. Prevents Earlier Aging

Another benefit you can get from running in cold weather is to prevent earlier aging. You may be surprised with this one. But, it is linked with the ability of cold-weather running to reduce the tendency for the body to experience the mass of bone and muscle wasting. Therefore, as you know one of great health benefits of running in cold weather, then it is time to try this one. Still, always remember to drink a good amount of water to prevent dehydration due to the coldness.

After knowing the health benefits of running in cold weather, there are a few tips and cautions if you want to try to run in cold weather. Then, check the list below.

Tips for Running in Cold Weather

  1. It is a very important way to stay hydrated when you are running in cold water. The cold temperature may cause dryness and dehydration so it is such a wise way to prevent this case. Make sure yourself drink a plenty amount of water before, during, and after the cold-weather running.
  2. Not only for drinking the water, but it is very important to wear a proper dress. The coldness outside will make your skin dry. To prevent this, you can wear a hat, jacket, and ensure the layers of your clothes make your body warm. This will also help you to prevent the risk of hypothermia. For the example, you can use fleecy garments or wool for the clothes.
  3. Next, to ensure your safety, then it is best to practice slip prevention. You can try it on icy paths and sidewalks. Thus, with a good practice, you can enjoy your cold-weather running then.

As summarizing, running is the ideal exercise for those who want to have a free and enjoying moment. While running in cold weather, you can get the health benefits you may have never expected before. For instance, you can improve the heart health and boost energy. Thus, start your cold-weather running for the healthier body!