13 Excellent Benefits of Blueberries for Weight Loss

Blueberries are kind of colored berries which belongs to genus Vaccinium. It is believed that blueberries are native to North America. Besides, blueberries are famous due to its taste and its nutrients as well. It has the flavonoid which known as anthocyanins which make this fruit as deep purple color. Not only for that, anthocyanins […]

10 Health Benefits of Almonds for Weight Loss (#1 Healthy Fats)

What kinds of food that fits for your diet food menu? As a result, there are green vegetables and fruits you can choose from the options. However, instead of having the same diet food menu every day, why do not yo try to pick something different. Yes, as the title has shown, almonds are the […]

25 Health Benefits of Fasting – For Physical and Mental Health

Fasting is closely associated with Ramadan and Muslim though the fact is religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity are also practicing fasting. However, today there are a lot of people are practicing fasting not only for faith reasons like athletes who are practicing fasting for health reason and many more. It is because there are […]

20 Proven Best Exercise For Weight Loss Super Fast

A lot of people suggest Best Exercise For Weight Loss is running, but it evidently wrong. Having the ideal body weight is the dream of every person. In order to reach their own ideal body weight, many people will do a lot of extreme things, such as an extreme diet or even taking some medications, […]

20 Health Risks of Being Underweight (No.3 Terrible)

Being underweight is completely the opposite thing of being obese. Being underweight is the condition that commonly described whenever the people have the body weight less than their normal body weight. So, what can cause the underweight? The main cause of people with the underweight problem is the lack of calories to fuel up their […]

43 Health Benefits of Diet High in Fruits and Vegetables

Health Benefits of Diet High in Fruits and Vegetables not only for weight loss but you will get amazing healthy body. Since long ago we know that fruit and vegetables are an important component of a healthy diet and we need to consume it daily but nowadays people are lack of fruit and vegetable consumption. […]

23 Health Benefits of 1 Hour Walking Every Day

People often take the benefits of one hour walking for granted, especially in this modern era, because nowadays many vehicles available. Practicing one hour walking constantly is good for making us fit. Walking is the simplest form of sport. We can practice it in our daily basis, such as walking to school or office. The […]

16 Proven Health Benefits of Sauna (No.1 Incredible)

Who doesn’t know about sauna? Nowadays, Sauna bathes are health activities which are practiced by many people from different ages including youth and older. Sauna is also get meaning of a small room or building which is designed as a place where people can experience dry or wet heat from the steam and get perspiration. […]

17 Benefits of Saturated Fat : Overdose Effects, 31 Foods

Saturated fat is a non-essential fat since it can be synthesized by our body. It usually contains in animal product, for example in meat or egg. However, vegetable product also contains saturated fat, for example palm oil and coconut oil. Saturated fat is famously known as a bad fat since its effects for our health often […]

77 Proven Benefits of Garlic for Weight Loss and Consumption Tips

Garlic’s benefits for health have been known for ages. You might already know that garlic is excellent in boosting metabolism and reducing blood pressure. However, have you known that garlic is also great for reducing your weight? If you are a garlic lover that can’t leave this spice in your dishes, this can be amazing […]