8 Proven Health Benefits of Cold Plunge after Sauna

Sauna has been known as the most favorable detoxification. People especially in Asia love sauna, not only for its health benefits but also for the social purposes. They usually go to the public sauna in groups and enjoy the process of sauna while interact with their clique. However, sometimes people don’t really understand about the […]

14 Health Benefits of Steam Sauna (No.1 Amazing)

Health benefits of sauna already know as best treatment for human health. Since long ago people has known the benefits of steam sauna or steam bath. Most of literature mentioned that the culture of having steam sauna is derived from Mediterranean, Finland or Turkish. People know sauna as a steam bath but actually sauna is a […]

16 Proven Health Benefits of Sauna (No.1 Incredible)

Who doesn’t know about sauna? Nowadays, Sauna bathes are health activities which are practiced by many people from different ages including youth and older. Sauna is also get meaning of a small room or building which is designed as a place where people can experience dry or wet heat from the steam and get perspiration. […]