17 Research-Based Health Benefits of Almonds for Diabetes

We have known almonds for a species of nut which go very well with many foods. It adds a delicious nutty taste to your stew and stir fries. It gives crunchy sensation in your salad. And the most people favorite, it adds delicacy to your dark chocolate. Not only amazingly delicious, almonds and dark chocolate […]

7 Powerful Health Benefits of Almonds and Dark Chocolate

Who wouldn’t love the delicate sweet chocolate with crunchy almonds? Besides enhancing its taste, the addition of almond in dark chocolate is able to present more health benefits. Yes, the flavorful almonds and dark chocolate can give health benefits of almonds and dark chocolate. Some of you may forbid your children from eating some chocolate […]

10 Health Benefits of Almonds for Weight Loss (#1 Healthy Fats)

What kinds of food that fits for your diet food menu? As a result, there are green vegetables and fruits you can choose from the options. However, instead of having the same diet food menu every day, why do not yo try to pick something different. Yes, as the title has shown, almonds are the […]