10 Health Benefits of Almonds for Weight Loss (#1 Healthy Fats)

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What kinds of food that fits for your diet food menu? As a result, there are green vegetables and fruits you can choose from the options. However, instead of having the same diet food menu every day, why do not yo try to pick something different. Yes, as the title has shown, almonds are the good foods for your daily diet!

Almonds are known as a kind of nuts which have a lot of nutrition contained. It has vitamins and minerals which are beneficial to promote the body health. Many people mistaken almond as a kind of nuts which have a high level or calories and that is not totally true. In contrast, almond contains healthy fats and is beneficial for your routine diet. In fact, almond contains 39% total fat including 25% from heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, while the non-almond diet contains 18% total fat, 5% from monounsaturated fats. Even, studies have found that people who consume almonds in their diet lose more weight compared to the same diet with same calories. Furthermore, it is also shown that almonds are better at making you feel full longer than eating the same proportion of grain-based foods.


As the consequence, if you want to know why almonds are the right food for your diet, then you can check the health benefits of almonds for weight loss below.

1.High Levels of Protein

The reason why almond is good for your diet is that it contains the high levels of protein. Indeed, this is good to reduce your body fats as it will diminish the processed carbohydrates. Not only for that, the protein does the good work to your body. It regenerates the body cell and helps you to build the body muscle as well. Thus, not only the protein does a good job in reducing the body fats, but it will also help in promoting the body function for sure.


2.Eliminates Hunger

Consuming almond can help you in controlling the weight. By choosing almond as your diet menu, you have succeeded to add the healthy menu and the delicious food as well. Almond is ideal for you as it will eliminate the hunger and makes you feel full longer after eating this. This is related to the presence of healthy fats which makes you feel full for a longer time compared to the grain-based and low-fat snack. Thus, if you want to have the tasty diet menu with the great benefits of losing weight, then choosing almonds is always be the best option!


3.Gives You More Energy

What is the point of doing a diet if you are losing the energy you need to do the activities? Then, it is a must to choose the best diet foods in order to control your weight and getting energy at the same time. As a result, almond is an ideal option for you! This kind of nuts will give you the energy as the simple carbohydrate as well.


4.Contains Healthy Fats

If you are worried about the fats content in almonds, then you have to know that almonds have the great source of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. These ones are similar to the fatty acids found in avocado and olive oil. Indeed, they are healthy! At this point, the primary content of monounsaturated fats in almonds called as Oleic acid. Moreover, it is known that almond is rich in fatty acids such as omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9. These healthy fats are good as it does not lead to cardiovascular diseases. Also, it will help you to prevent the diseases. Then, having diet menu with almonds as the option will be just great as you do not need to have worry about fats content anymore.


5.Contains Fiber

What is good from almond is the way it contains fiber. It is the skin of almond which has the source of dietary fiber. In fact, an ounce of plain almonds contains 4 grams of fiber which is 14 percent of the daily value. Fiber itself is the major contributor in promoting the healthy digestion system which is also good for the diet. Indeed, as it is packed with dietary fiber, then this one will be just good for those who want to have a healthy diet.

What is even greater from the fiber in almond is the way it makes the better absorption of nutrients in the gut. As a result, this process will enable you to have the best benefits from almond’s nutrients. For the tips, you can add almonds to your salad bowl or simply mix it with your oatmeal in the morning. Also, eating this fiber food with other berries will just boost the benefits of your diet. Thus, you can have the healthy and delicious bowl in the morning for the healthy body weight for sure.


6.Lowers Cholesterol Level

It is shown that almonds can reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol or LDL cholesterol as well. This function is related to the presence of an Oleic acid which is also helpful to lower the risk of heart disease. Hence, if you add almonds on the top of your salad bowl, it will be totally healthy diet menu for sure!


7.Good for Diabetic

Talking about diabetes may result in the long explanation. As one of the chronic diseases, people have to do the things as a prevention of this disease. The ways to reduce the risks of diabetes is by reducing the consumption of sugar contained in the foods. Besides, a healthy lifestyle is also necessary to prevent the risks.

Studies have shown that eating several foods regularly can prevent the risks of diabetes as well. One of the foods is almond which has the source of vitamins and minerals. For those who are diabetic, consuming almonds for your diet will be just good as they can help to lower the blood sugar and insulin levels. Therefore, you will have no doubt to add almonds in your diet foods as it will be beneficial to reduce risks of diabetes.


8.Rich in Minerals

What is good in your diet food menu is the content of vitamins and minerals. For the example, if you choose yogurt with other green vegetables as your option, then it will be just great. They contain high antioxidants and vitamins for sure. This case also does the same in almonds. It is known that almond is the source of minerals such as magnesium, manganese, copper, and other kinds of mineral. As the consequence, the presence of these minerals is very valuable to promote the body function and balancing the body fluids level. Remember to take notes that if you wish to lose some weight, it is a very must to always do a healthy diet.


9.Source of Vitamin

Not only for the presence of minerals contained in almond, but this nut also has the source of B vitamins and vitamin E as well. As a matter of fact, almond contains riboflavin, biotin, and niacin as well. These vitamins work well in promoting the body function. They activate the energy production within the body. Indeed, they make you feel more energetic and ready to do the tasks in your day. Besides, vitamin E contained in almond is very beneficial in promoting the cardiovascular system. Moreover, it also helps to keep the heart healthy as well.


10.Boosts Immune System

The presence of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals in almonds are very valuable to boost the immune system. Indeed, not only for losing weight but consuming almonds will give you the healthier body. Then, if you can have the ideal body weight and at the same time getting the best nutrients from the foods, then why not choosing almonds for the option? Hence, having almonds for your diet foods is the best option as it will protect you against the risks of diseases.


After knowing the health benefits of almonds for weight loss, now you can also read the tips for consuming almonds for the best healthy diet below.

Tips for Consuming

  • Eating almonds for your diet will be good if you use them as the snack food or the smaller regular meals. The taste of this nut will be crunchy as it will also be a good addition on the top of your salad bowl. The thing you need to remember is that you can consume almonds with the right amount and with a balance. Indeed, you have also consumed tea healthy fruit and vegetable as well.
  • Next, it is best to choose for the raw and whole almonds instead of the salted or processed ones.
  • Another way you can choose to consume almonds is by adding them to smoothies or sprinkling them on the top of your yogurt bowl. Moreover, adding almonds to your favorite ice cream or chocolate is also the good idea. Indeed, the taste will be just incredible!

As the conclusion, as almonds have the source of vitamins, minerals, protein, and also the dietary fiber, then these ones are just good for weight loss. Not only good for reducing the fats within the body, but almonds also give you the energy and the best nutrient. They are good for promoting your overall body health. Almonds make the good and balanced diet if you consume it together with the fresh vegetables, fish, fruits, dairy products, and the whole grains. Indeed, with the good options for your diet foods, then you will be happy as you can reduce the body fats and have the healthy and the ideal body weight for sure!

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