Health Benefits of Sabja Seeds for Weight Loss Treatments

Sabja seeds is the other name for basil seeds. As we all know, basil is one of the most widely used herb in cooking across the world. The practice of consuming basil seeds is also present for at least a thousand years. However, sabja seeds are still underestimated by public compared to the basil herb […]

Potential Health Benefits of Basil Seeds for Weight Loss That No One Knows

Basil seeds, which is among the latest to join the “superfood” trend is actually the seed of the herb basil itself. As we all know, basil is one of the most widely used herb in cooking across the world. The practice of consuming basil seeds has also been around for at least a thousand years. […]

Benefits of Basil Leaves for Eyes Health That You Need to Know

The scientific name of basil is Ocimum Basilicum. It is known as the royal herb as well as the king of herbs as it can cure a wide variety of health problems from menstrual cramps to eyes and oral health all the way to diabetes. Basil maybe possibly native to India and have been cultivated […]

12 Potential Benefits of Lemon Basil for Reproductive System

After married, most people must be wanting to have kids. House would usually feel empty and boring without them. Moreover, it will feel incomplete for women or men to not be called mother or father. These are some of the reasons why most couple wants to have kids. Sometimes even the condition of no kids […]

10 Top Health Benefits of African Blue Basil

Basil is a plant that you can find in Africa and Asia. However, now you can find basil in Italy, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. One of the famous basil is the health benefits of African blue basil. Basil, usually used for certain foods. However, the fact that basil is not only used for that alone. […]

10 Super Health Benefits of Basil Leaves for Skin

Basil leaf has a strong aroma that makes it one of the added ingredients in cooking spices such as Pepes. Often also health benefits of basil leave for skin eaten directly juxtaposed with cucumber or cabbage as raw food with sambal and fish or fried chicken. For the first time trying to eat basil, it […]

30 Health Benefits of Holy Basil Leaf (Amazing Sources)

Holy basil leaf is a very commonly vegetable consumed for most Indonesians. In almost provinces, the signature culinary uses holy basil leaf as part of it. For the Sundanese, holy basil leaf is a must raw vegetable on their dining table. Holy basil has good smell with small leaves just like celery. The taste is […]

24 Health Benefits of Sweet Basil Seeds (#Proven)

You should get used to sweet basil. Perhaps you have found many of these sweet basil seeds as a mixture and complement of various cold drinks. For those of you who do not know, basil seeds are small black and outside. Clear white color, almost the size of sesame. The seeds of sweet basil came […]

17 Health Benefits of Basil (Top #1 Healing Herb)

Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is also known as great basil or Saint-Joseph’s-wort. Others, on the other hand, know it as the king of herbs, as it comes from Greek words with literal meaning of “royal plant”. Basil has been cultivated in India for more than 5,000 years. It does have several varieties, such as sweet basil or Genovese basil […]

22 Health Benefits of Basil Leaves (No.1 Super)

Basil is one of herbal plant which the leaves is commonly use in culinary purpose. Basil or Ocimum basilicum is member of Lamiaceae or mint family. The name basil is refer to a greek word basilikohn which means royal, which reflect the ancient culture of Greek people which consider this herb as noble and sacred […]