11 Top Health Benefits of Apricots Seeds #No.3 is Great

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Still in the theme about health, this time we will discuss about health benefits of apricots seeds. Apricot? What is it? Apricot or in latin name Prunus armeniaca is one of species from subgenus Prem. The original place of this fruit is still unknown. Because this fruit has been cultivated since prehistoric. There is a high possibility that this fruit is come from north and west of China or Middle Asia, but there is possibility that this fruit come from Korea or Japan.

The shape of the tree is small, height 8-12 m, with stems up to 40 cm and diameter canopy, solid spread. The leaves are oval, 5-9 cm long and 4-8 cm wide, with rounded base, pointed tip and smooth toothed margins. The diameter flowers is 2-4,5 cm, with five of pink white petals, they are produced singly or paired in early spring before the leaves. The fruit is a fruit with seed with form like a small peach, 1.5-2.5 cm in diameter (larger in some modern cultivars), from yellow to orange, often colored red in addition to the most exposed to the sun, its surface is usually pubescent.

Apricot fruit itself has a distinctive color with yellow and slightly brownish seeds in it. Besides the tastes of the fruits, there are many health benefits of apricots seeds.


Not only the apricot fruit that has many health benefits, but the apricots seeds too. Now we will check this out.

1. Healthy Digestion

Are you have problem with digestion? Maybe you not eat well. Maybe you late to eat. Don’t worry. One of the benefits of apricots seeds is can provide health benefits for the digestive system in our body. This apricot seeds can help digestion so foods that was processed within our body can removed clearly from our body without leaving anything dirt in digestive systems.

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2. Prevent Anti-aging

Are you a little worry about aging? Maybe you try any alternatives medicine to prevent it. It is not wrong. If you try alternatives medicine, why you not try apricots seeds? The benefits from apricots seeds powerful in prevent from aging. The minerals and vitamins inside the apricots seeds can protect your skin health and prevent it from signs of premature aging. You will look like a healthier, younger, and more fresh.

3. Anti Cancer

Are you worry about this disease? Yup. It is normal if you worry about this disease. Because there are a lot of factor about this disease. In 1952, an expert biochemistry from San Fransisco whose name Dr. Ernst Krebs, Jr. describe something about this disease. Dr. Ernst Krebs, Jr. say that cancer is a metabolism reaction that caused by poor diet,  and loss nutrition from human diet that was side effects of modern life.

Base on describe of Dr. Ernst Krebs, Jr. about cancer, there is a key to cure cancer. The key is change our bad life style. One of it is consume a organic food that can prevent or heal from cancer. One of the food is apricots seeds. Why? Because from alternatives ways to cure a cancer, one of the best foods to fight against cancer is apricots seed.

Apricots seeds is smooth and has a shape like almond, the taste just like a bitter, and contains amygdalin. Amygdalin has another name that in general we called vitamin B-17. Amygdalin is some essence that believed can fight against cancer. For your information, extract essence from vitamin B-17 called as laetrile. The most amount of amygdalin is inside apricots seeds.

Based on some research, proof that apricots seeds is a alternative way to fight against cancer. Hunzas, primitive tribes from Pakistan mountain, known that they eat well and often apricots seeds and nature diet of apricots seeds and eat some others organic plant and the result is they not have a risk of cancer and can live for long.

4. Prevent from Hypertension

Hypertension? Do you know about this disease? Or maybe you have diagnosed by doctor about this disease? Not to worry, buddies. One of the health benefits of apricots seeds is very good to help about this disease. The apricots seeds can control the balance of our blood pressure. The result is hypertension easy to prevent so it will not cause any others complication that will disturb our body.


5. Help to Healthy the colon

One of the health benefits of apricots seeds is to help healthy the colon. The apricots seeds can improve metabolism of the colon, so the colon not easy attacked by others bacteria. The nutrients from food which you eats make the colon will easily to absorb the nutrients.

6. Prevent Constipation

Constipation sometimes can make our daily activities awful and terrible. Because there is a odd about our body and that is disturb our body movement too. But with apricots seeds, it can prevent the constipation. Because one of the health benefits of apricots seeds is prevent from any disease that will attack digestive system. This seed will actively use the minerals which contained with seeds to prevent signs of constipation that sometimes attack the colon.

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7. Help Diarrhea

Besides the constipation, there are a lot of disease that will attack the digestive systems. One of it is diarrhea. Diarrhea is some kind of disease that will make us to poop continuously and make the stomach feel heartburn. You can cure this disease with natural ways. Yup. Consume the apricots seeds. Remember that one of the health benefits of apricots seeds is prevent from any disease that will attack digestive system.


8. Prevent Ulcer

Do you have ulcer disease? Or maybe people who you know have this disease? This disease is happen in area stomach with increasing the gastric acid. But the healthy of stomach will keep safely if you eat apricots seeds often. One of the health benefits of apricots seeds is neutralize gastric acid in the stomach, so the gastric acid not increasing and causing ulcer. Your stomach will become healthier and work better to process the food.

9. Ease The Defecation

Are was know about some kind of this disease? Maybe you just know it. This is actually happen if you feel heartburn but cannot wipe it. This disease caused by less eats food that contains high fibers. To prevent from this disease, you can eat this apricot seeds.

10. As The Source of Natural Antioxidant

The Natural Antioxidants is one of the great essence. This essence can protect our body from free radical, that can cause any other effects. If you get touch with free radical in a long time, there is a possibility that your body will gonna attacked by any other diseases. Use the apricots seeds from now on to keep our body from free radical.

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11. Moisturizes Dry and Coarse Skin

Seeds from the apricots have contains a natural oils. So it will very good if we use it as natural lotion for our skin.

Besides all the health benefits of apricots seeds from before, there still a lot of another benefits of apricots seed. The another benefits are:

  • Help to solve acne problems
  • Brighten the skin
  • Prevent the black spot on the face

That is all about the health benefits of apricots seeds that maybe you don’t know. We hope this information useful to increase your knowledge in maintaining health by utilizing the benefits of healthy seeds as well.

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Besides all the health benefits, there is some issue about this apricots seeds. So let’s we check it out.

Cautions of Apricots Seeds

We all know that apricots seeds contain amygdalin or we can call vitamin B17. We all know that we have to balancing the nutrients and vitamin as needed. But if you consume too much the minerals or vitamin, it will give side effects. So if you consume apricots seeds too much, it will gives some side effects. The sides effects are:

  • Headache and weak body condition
    To heal this condition of side effects, you can eat lemon, grapes, and orange.
  • Poisoning the body
    If you consume apricots seeds too much, over the standard level and over the dose, it will be poisoning. Because feeding over oral of vitamin B17, will give terrible poison and one of it will cause cyanide poisons.
  • And the others side effects are: skin irritation, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, coma and lowering blood pressure.

From the explanation above, there are a lot of health benefits of apricots seeds and health benefits of vitamin B17, the vitamin contained in apricots seeds. But also, there are a lot of side effects that will give some risk problems or maybe will give you to bad condition. So we advice to you that better you consult something to the doctor if you want try alternative ways. Because from the sides effect that was explained, it will be many kinds happens based on the how old you are, the gender, and some other factors.

I hope this info will give you good information, and see you to the next time. Happy reading.

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