15 Super Health Benefits of Bamboo Leaves (No.5 Is Best)

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For Asians, Bamboo is common plant mostly in tropical countries. Bamboo has a great function to fulfill humans’ life. Since long time ago, bamboo’s stems are mostly known for handicrafts, making a house, weapons and so on. Since it is very well known as the multifunctional plant, many ancients also discovered that bamboo has the great benefits for some diseases. They even consumed young bamboo which has white color as their cooking dishes. Young bamboo has been eaten even until now. It is also known as healthy food.

Bamboo plants have a great function in traditional treatment among Asians. The countries such as China, South Korea and even Japan has been taken the advantages of bamboo since ancient times. This typical plant has been also known across the whole Asian countries. This long plant is really known as multifunctional tree.

The Multibenefits Tree of Bamboo

Among the benefits of bamboo, there is a great useful benefits for health. According to biomedical research revealed that the bamboo can prevent the toxicity. Besides bamboo is also well known as the effective plant to protect against stress or mental problem.

While inflammation, cancer and lipotoxicity can be prevented by this long stem tree. In other side, there is another part of bamboo which is really useful for human health, it is bamboo leaves. It contains enormous function especially related to health. It is also used as the medicinal usage.

Since ancient times, bamboo leaves has been revealed that contain significant portion of the total biomass of its plant. It is the easier to be harvested.

1. Treat Lung and Stomach-heat (Digestive System)

Health Benefits of Bamboo Leaves for stomach is very powerful. For those who is suffering a diseases on lung, chest or even heart. Straightly think about bamboo leaves! Bamboo leaves can clear the heat inside the body especially stomach, lung and also heart while it is also good for promoting urination. Bamboo leaves can even leach out the heat or problem inside the lung, heart and also stomach which is also used to heal urinary dysfunction which is signed by depression.

Besides, bamboo leaves can also prevent digestive system which generally lead to the feeling of uncomfortable inside the stomach. Bamboo leaves will prevent this problem very well and it has been known since very long time ago.

2. Treat the Respiratory Disorder

Bamboo leaves tea is mixed with honey will heal respiratory disorders even though it has been already known as delicious dishes. Since it contains many kind of health compounds such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates and so on, this multibenefit plant is very good to treat respiratory problem. Besides the most powerful part is young bamboo which is known as shoots. It is very good for dished and also for medicine.

3. Protect againts Cholesterol

Drinking bamboo leaves or even consume shoots of bamboo will influence the cholesterol lower meanwhile it will increase fecal volume and it is also good for dietary fiber.

4. Impact Male Fertility

A study focused on the benefits of bamboo revealed that bamboo leaves and shoots are very effective to stimulate and influence the fertility among male. The ethanolic extract of bamboo could change the function of integrity and it shows that bamboo leaves and shoots are very important for male fertility.

5. Thyroid Function

Consuming bamboo leaves and also shoots are very useful to influence thyroid hormones such as thyroxine and also triiodothyronine. It can regulate the cortical cerebral neuronal migration during a fetal brain.

6. Anti Tumor

A study ever demontrated the benefit of bamboo leaves in which it was useful as anti-tumor. The extract of bamboo leaves can give the significant benefit to be anti-tumor efficacy and it addressed to immunopotentiation.

7. Balance the Sugar Level

Bamboo leaves have been proven as the effective way to heal many kind of diseases including balancing the sugar level and even lowering it well. Some uses bamboo leaves as tea which has spesific smell which is also good to neutralize our mind.

The component such as fiber in bamboo leaves is very effective for balancing blood sugar. That condition will lead to the weight loss and prevent diabetes. A study demonstrated that bamboo leaves contain soluble fibre which useful to control or even balance sugar levels. Besides, this soluble fiber will also help a body to hold detoxification.

8. Prevent Free Radicals

Bamboo leaves have been known as the antioxidant properties which are very effective to heal body and prevent it from free radicals. Besides, some study already demonstrated that bamboo leaves also contains minerals and vitamins which can be useful to prevent free radicals.

For those who wants to prevent the body from free radical, you only need to make bamboo leaves as tea and it can be drunk every day safely. The reason why bamboo leaves are good for prevent free radical is that bamboo leaves contain micronutrients or antioxidant and it can reduce cell damage caused by free radical.

9. Balance Health

Health Benefits of Bamboo Leaves for health balancing could be the best one. Bamboo leaves is also good to balance the health because it does not have dangerous components such as caffeine in coffee. It is healthy and friendly leaves for tea. Bamboo leaves tea can be drunk together with lemon or other essential aroma such as mint and jasmine. As we all know that jasmine and mint will effect the peace and fresh into the brain and soul. That is why bamboo leaves is very good to balance the health of body and its mind and soul.

10. Health for Nail and Hair

Bamboo mostly grow without any chemicals or pesticides. That is why bamboo is very good to be consumed either for dishes or natural medicine. Some study also revealed that bamboo leaves contain silica which can strengthen all the human body cells. It mostly stimulate and support the health of hair and nail.

This silica is really good for human health cells since it is better than supplement. Besides, the silica contained in bamboo leaves are also good for the health of bone. It can prevent any damage on bone moreover it is also good for dental health.

11. Promote Health and Wellness

The bamboo leaves provide the soluble fiber which generally good to prevent digestive system and in fact it also promote the overall wellness and health.

12. Prevent the Asthma

Bamboo leaves now is getting popular with its benefit for treating and healing diseases. Another benefit of bamboo leaves is that bamboo leaves can prevent the asthma caused by the symptom of inflammatory.

13. Prevent Birth Disorder

Consuming bamboo leaves tea will prevent maternal hypothyroxinema during a period of fetal neuronal cell migration in baby. It will help to morphological changes in fetal brain and it will combat the problem such as an autism. Consuming bamboo leaves and shoots are very important to strengthen baby neuronal cells and will prevent the birth defect.

14. Antibacterial

Bamboo leaves are very benefit as antibacterial against the staphylococcus aureus which is contained by skin cosmetics. It actually leads the dangerous properties from cosmetics which can influence the health. It will cause acne, comedo, cellulitis and even allergies. Thus bamboo leaves are the effective way to prevent that problem. You can use bamboo leaves to be extracted in hot water and you can drink it as you usually do so when drinking tea.

15. Protective Effects

The protective effects rises as one of the benefit of bamboo. Bamboo leaves can protect the body against N- Methyl-Daspartate. It is induced cell death in primary cultured cortical neuron and the anti-plasmin. It is caused and determined by using fibrin and fibrinogen degradation products (FDPs) assay. This multibenefit plant is quite proved as the benefit plant in the world since it is very rich in vitamins and also minerals.
The Side Effects of Consuming Bamboo Leaves Tea

There are some benefits for human’s health and there must be a side effect for some people. Side effect of consuming bamboo leave is that it can lead to abortifacient to pregnant women. Its leaves contain many kind of compounds found surprisingly can increase abortion frequency. It will be better if you consult to doctor before you consume it.