24 Proven Benefits of Barley Grass, Wheatgrass and Alfalfa

Barley, it is commonly known as a basic ingredient for tea. Everyone loves barley tea. Korean uses it as healthy and refreshing tea which is always good to be served with any kind of dishes. No matter how it served, hot or cold, barley tea is always cleans you. It is suppers any grossly taste […]

13 Top Health Benefits of Alfalfa Tea #1 Potent Herbal

Alfalfa is a kind of herbal plant which has great benefit for human health. It belongs to nuts families and easily is identified by its one meter long branch with tons of leaves. Medicago sative is its Latin name. Alfalfa can group up blossoming small purple flowers with deep 4,5 meter roots. Therefore, alfalfa can insist on […]