Annatto Powder Skin Benefits (#1 Caribbean Beauty Secret)

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Some of you might only know annatto powder from annatto seeds as natural food coloring.

This is the essential spices used to create yellow to orange color in Mexican cuisine along with Health Benefits of Turmeric Root Powder.

Surprisingly, annatto powder is also beneficial for skin. You can get the annatto powder skin benefits with the regular application of the powder.

The Annatto Powder Skin Benefits

Annatto powder contain good amount of calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, and manganese. The powder can also perform as antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties.

So here are annatto powder skin benefits you can get by applying annatto paste from annatto powder.

  1. Tightening skin

Applying skin treatment involving annatto powder can tighten skin very well. The antioxidants property in annatto powder can perform as skin repairer.

The other product of annatto skin with the similar annatto powder skin benefits is annatto seeds oil which can be applied as lotions.

  1. Calming irritated skin

The antiseptic and antibacterial properties in annatto seeds are also effective to soothe irritated skin. It reduces redness and soothes pain caused by irritation.

This way, annatto powder is recommended to cure insect bite and avoid further inflammation. You know the annoying itching from mosquito bite or the other kinds of insects may lead to skin inflammation.

  1. Treat wounds

The antioxidant properties of annatto powder are effective to treat minor skin wounds. Applying annatto powder into the wound enables the body to produce more healthy cells and tissues.

This way, the wounds can be recovered. It is also included in the long list of Health Benefits of Annatto Seeds.

  1. Protect skin

Annatto is rich with beta-carotene. Beta-carotene can act as potential antioxidants in fighting free radicals and protect skin from the bad UV rays, especially around the tropic Caribbean.

In addition, the application of annatto powder on skin stimulates the production of melanin which takes a big role in protecting skin from damage also perform the healthy and glowing looking skin.

  1. Good for tanned skin

Want to have a natural sun-kissed skin? Well, sun bathing might work for you. However, it may lead to some skin health risks. For the solution, applying annatto powder on skin may give your skin an attractive golden color while nourishing and maintaining the skin glow.

Apply the annatto skin treatment before applying the sunscreen, put on your best bikini, and you’ll be the hottest Caribbean beach girl.

  1. Reduce blemish

Face mask is proven to be effective in reducing blemish on skin. Therefore, you can also use natural face mask from annatto powder to remove blemishes and scars. And give you the natural flawless skin.

  1. Anti-aging property

One of the annatto powder skin benefits is the natural anti-aging solution for your skin. Regularly apply annatto powder as a topical treatment in a form of paste may help you to reduce the sign of aging such as wrinkles, blemish, and other imperfection to perform supple and youthful skin.

  1. Healthy cosmetics coloring

Annatto seeds are usually included in cosmetics and skin care product. It is possible since annatto can give natural orange or red color to the skin product.

In the other words, annatto powder performs as safe, natural coloring of the cosmetic product. Not only gives color, annatto can also give annatto powder skin benefits such as the ability to hold aging due to the high antioxidant level.

How to Use Annatto Powder

In order to gain the annatto powder skin benefits, regular use of the vibrant red powder is required. Especially if you aim the use of annatto powder as anti-aging property, you can make the powder into a paste, by mixing it with fresh water, or better with rose water.

This way, you can get the additional Benefits of Rosewater for Acne. It makes a very good combination with antibacterial property in annatto powder. Or else, adding some other beneficial natural ingredients such as honey will also enhance annatto powder skin benefits.

As we know, honey provides Health Benefits of Honey for Skin. But before you use annatto powder for the annatto powder skin benefits, you should know the basic preparation.

First, you can process annatto powder into annatto oil. You can heat a cup of grape seeds which is well known for its Health Benefits of Grape Seeds Extract.

Heat a cup of grape seeds oil and add two ounces of annatto powder into the grape seed oil. Cook the mixture for about 5 minutes, or you can wait until the mixture turns red or orange. Don’t forget to strain the seeds out of the oil, and then refrigerate it. Annatto, in a form of powder has long shelf time. You just need to make sure that you place it in a glass jar in the refrigerator. It will keep annatto powder for a few months.