15 Health Benefits of Puto Cheese (#1 Healthy Snacking Tips)

The fusion of traditional food with the modern taste is getting more popular these days. Many kinds of traditional foods are upgraded into modern food by adding the modern fixture such as taste, packaging, and marketing. One of the traditional foods which are modified and getting more popular today is cheese puto. Puto is a […]

15 Proven Health Benefits of Eating Parmesan Cheese

Some of you might think that healthy food and drink should be in least fat, no salt, low sugar, and it is all about that non diary product. what about health benefits of eating Parmesan Cheese? Who say healthy cannot be tasty? Some of the tasty food is considered to be healthy and make you […]

20 Health Benefits of Alphonso Mango (Unrevealed Before)

Need something fresh to cool down your sunny day? Or maybe you need a dessert to get rid of the greasiness after some fatty meals? Mango might be the perfect answer for you. Among all varieties of mangoes, there is one of the varieties which has huge benefits but has not been widely known. It […]

16 Scientific Health Benefits of Diaphragmatic Breathing

Everyone may wish for a happy and healthy life. However, between the crowded activities, we sometimes cannot have enough time to relax and do some exercise to maintain our body health. Actually, there are some simple activities that beneficial for our health such as benefits of cuddling in the morning and benefits of listening our […]

17 Health Benefits of Apple Gourd (Scientists Just Discovered)

Apple gourd is also known as Indian baby pumpkin, Indian squash, or Tindi. Apple gourd origins from India but can also be found in South  Asia, Southeast Asia and the other warm tempered countries. Just like the Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts, it can also be considered as Indian super food for apple gourd benefits. […]

10 Benefits of Black Coffee for Weight Loss (No.2 is Proven)

It is true that coffee might be n essential part of our lifestyle and also there many Health Benefits of Black Coffee Without Sugar. It is known worldwide that coffee is the second most consumes drinking after fresh water. People make cup of hot coffee with creamer right after wake up, grab iced latte to […]

15 Proven Health Benefits of Chocolate Drink for Everybody

Who can deny a cup of hot chocolate on a cold rainy day? Yes, everyone would love it. Besides, in a summery day, a cup of ice blended chocolate will also always be an idol. It is quite reasonable if we say that everyone everywhere at any time would love chocolate drink. However, what makes […]

25 Secret Health Benefits of Black Velvet Tamarind

Black velvet tamarind or Dialium Guineense Wild is also known as Nigerian velvet tamarind. It is a typical tamarind with black velvety hard shell, orange sticky pulp and flat circular brown seed. Compared to tamarind, this Nigerian tamarind has the sweeter sour taste. It can be freshly consumed, dried, or soaked into water and drink […]

25 Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts (Nigeria’s Superfood)

Tiger nuts are also known as Nigerian tiger nut, yellow nutsedge, or nut grass. Although people call them “nut”, they commonly found as wild weed in Africa, Middle East Asia, Mediterranean, and South America.  Well, tiger nuts are actually the tuber of a weed plant. Since they have the “nut like taste”, and also the […]

25 Evidently Health Benefits of Banyan Tree Fruit

Banyan tree fruit, also known as fig is a kind of fruit belongs to Ficus Carica species. It is a 3-5 centimeters long fruit containing numerous tiny pulps. The green skin is commonly ripening into purple or reddish brown. It is originally from the Middle East and western Asia. However, it is now grow and […]