4 Amazing Health Benefits of Dates for Diabetics

Dates are a type of fruit that can withstand hot and sandy temperatures, such as in some Middle Eastern countries. In several Islamic countries, you will often find it during the Ramadan month, because dates are one of Rosulullah’s favorite foods when breaking the fast. This fruit is also discussed quite a lot in the […]

6 Unexpected Health Benefits of Dates for Toddlers

Dates with the Latin name of Phoenix dactylifera is a plant that is famous and popular with its unique fruit. They are rich in nutrients, including carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamin C, manganese, water, and a little fat. Dates are scattered throughout the Middle East, and other regions with a hot temperature. The taste of dates […]

Let’s Have Better Understanding about Health Benefits of Dates for Kids

Dates are one of the recommended healthy menus for children to eat since there are so many benefits of dates that are very good for health. Dates are rich in natural fiber and in modern medicine, it has shown that dates are effective in preventing stomach cancer. Dates are a type of fruit that can […]

Powerful Health Benefits of Dates in Islam Based on Quran- Super Food

Dates are special fruit in Islam as it is mentioned by the Prophet Muhammad that dates are fruit from paradise. Dates are also a kind of staple fruit of Muslim during Ramadhan. It is suggested to eat three pieces of dates to break their fast as Sunnah. It is also supported by the fact that […]

9 Notable Red Dates and Goji Berry Tea Benefits

Red dates and goji berry are species of fruit native to Asia. In Asian folk medicine, red dates and goji berry are commonly used due to their health effects. Furthermore, red dates and goji berry have been used in many Asian foods and beverages, and as part of concoction for herbal tea. Red dates and […]

7 Interesting Benefits of Longan and Red Dates Tea for Health and Weight Loss

Thanks to science and technology, these days tea can be consumed in many flavors. Most bottled and canned tea products come with different tastes. Some of the flavors are honey, milk, and fruit. Fruit-flavored tea, for most of the part, has sweet and slightly bitter taste, depend on what kind of fruit is used as […]

12 Jaw-Dropping Health Benefits of Dates with Honey

Dates is a one of the unique fruit that came form Middle East. Dates is one species from the palm family, and its sweet fruit is widely known nowadays. This fruit has lots of good benefit for our body, since its sweet flavor help us to gain our strength back. But do you ever heard […]

10 Health Benefits of Eating Dates in Pregnancy

Who knows, dates is not only sweet and delicious, but can also give the health benefits of eating dates in pregnancy? So, pregnant ladies, you better stock dates for your snack. You can also use dates in many ways. It can be included into salad, chopped as topping for your float and ice cream, or […]

20 Health Benefits of Milk and Dates for Power Booster

Milk is a common drink that consumed by everyone in the morning. Started from babies up to adult. Sometimes some people added the milk with some dates. Not only delicious, but there are some health benefits of milk and dates. Therefore, it is start to be one of the popular beverages that worth to try. […]

10 Health Benefits of Chinese Black Dates

Did you ever eat dates? Dates are believed to have many benefits for the body. Currently, the dates are not only sold during the Eid al-Fitr. However, you can find dates every day that are sold in the mall. But you know, there is a fruit called chinese black dates? This fruit has a shape […]