Health Benefits Taiwanese Tea Egg (Healthy Oriental Cuisine)

Tea egg is one of the famous traditional street foods from Taiwan. Although now you can find this food in the other country such as Hong Kong and Singapore, the Taiwanese tea egg is the most well-known tea egg, which not only present unique appearance of egg, cooking method, and ingredients, this oriental cuisine  can […]

Benefits of Omelette Good for Weight Loss – Extra Energy for Breakfast

Omelette is probably the most favorite breakfast menu, not only it is easy to make but also super tasty and healthy. Recent studies also stated the possibility of eating omelette for breakfast could help with weight loss, though some people are still wondering or doubting about the benefits of omelette good for weight loss. What […]

12 Benefits of Egg White Soap for Skin Health – Strong Againts Acne

We normally see eggs as a food, and rich source of protein when actually it is more than that. Eggs, especially chicken eggs, has many benefits for human being. Of course, its main use will remains food and protein source. But, don’t forget its extra benefits. For example, to treat influenza sometimes egg white is […]

13 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Deviled Egg for You

Bored with regular egg dishes? need other idea? you can try deviled egg. To devil food means to prepare it using hot spices or condiments. So, we have to add some spices to the hard boiled egg we prepare. In deviled eggs, the spiciness is accomplished by mixing mustard and cayenne pepper or hot sauce […]

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Fish Roe – Nutritional Contents

Fish roe is one of the foods that much enjoyed in all parts of the world. This is because in addition to the delicious taste in various recipes. It turns out that fish eggs have many benefits in the healthiness of our body. As is known the fish eggs are round and clustered with a […]

6 Health Benefits Of Crushed Egg Shell #1 Top Home Remedy

For ages, people have been used egg for its benefits. for instances, we have known the Health Benefits of Eating Eggs For Breakfast Everyday, Health Benefits of Eggs in Pregnancy, and also the Benefits of Applying Egg Yolk on Hair. However, some of us might never know that the whole part of egg is beneficial. […]

15 Research-based Health Benefits of Eggs in Pregnancy

Eggs are a tasty and practical food to eat. Eggs are well suited for breakfast, lunch, dinner, side dishes, and any food complementary. Eggs are liked by all circles, children and even adults including by mothers who are in pregnancy. Eggs have beneficial nutrients for pregnant women. Many experts have recommended eggs for pregnant women […]

12 Health Benefits of Egg White on Face #1 Top Beauty Tricks

Most of woman have habit to take care of their face. So their face looks beautiful every time. They take care of their skin moist with daily cream. But not only that, they always do face treatment, too. One way of face treatments is using mask. If you use face mask, your face skin will […]

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Tea Egg

Egg can be cooked in many ways. Start from boiling, fried or steam. A unique kind of food made from egg is tea egg. Most people might wonder why it called a tea egg. But after looking at the food, surely you will understand that it colors like a tea. Not only delicious, but for sure […]

9 Benefits of Applying Egg Yolk on Hair #1 Beauty Tricks

Today, we can find so many kinds of hair treatment. Beauty centers are racing to offer the most fast forward technology to improve your hair health and performance. Yet, people sometimes get sick of the modern treatment. It is because people need to spend more time and money to get their hair done. Some people […]