Powerful Health Benefits of Dates in Islam Based on Quran- Super Food

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Dates are special fruit in Islam as it is mentioned by the Prophet Muhammad that dates are fruit from paradise. Dates are also a kind of staple fruit of Muslim during Ramadhan.

It is suggested to eat three pieces of dates to break their fast as Sunnah. It is also supported by the fact that dates mentioned 20 times in the Quran. In facts, there are many health benefits of dates in Islam.

The Health Benefits of Dates in Islam

Cates is known to be a nutritious fruit for its content of sugar, dietary fiber, oil, calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, and magnesium. Those nutrients build up the health benefits of dates in Islam as mentioned below.

  1. Energizes

Dates are high with sugar. As we know, sweetness helps very well in regaining our energy. Long ago, when Maryam, the mother of Jesus was feeling the pain during labor, she was suggested to eat dates to make her comfortable and regain her energy for the labor process. eating dates is able to regain energy within half an hour after taking it.

It is also recommended to consume dates for breaking the fast during Ramadan and get the Benefits of Fasting In Ramadan for Muslim.

  1. Good for pregnancy

The suggestion for Maryam to eat dates also related to the fact that dates are good for pregnancy. An experiment showed that dates are able to strengthen the muscle of the uterus in the last months of pregnancy. This benefit helps the mother to have an easier labor and reduce the bleeding after delivery.

The Prophet Muhammad also emphasizes the good effect of dates for pregnancy as it is important for fetal growth. So, get the Health Benefits of Eating Dates in Pregnancy.

  1. Good for breastfeeding mother

Besides the health benefits of dates in Islam for pregnancy, dates are also good for breastfeeding mother. It is because dates contain elements that are able to alleviate depression in breastfeeding mother. We know that reducing stress or depression is effective to increase breast milk production.

  1. Reduce the symptom of ADHD

Such as the ability of dates in alleviating stress, dates are also good for children with ADHD symptoms.

This benefit is supported by the content of minerals such as iron and potassium in treating the nervous disorder and calm hyperactivity. It is also suggested for children with ADHD to get benefits from some other treatment such as Benefits of Karate for ADHD in Children

  1. Promote heart health

The Prophet Muhammad has also suggested dates as a treatment for heart troubles. The scientific studies also prove that dates are good for heart as this sweet dried fruit contain a good amount of potassium which effective in control bool pressure.

  1. Avoid over-eating

The sunnah to eat dates for breaking the fast is not only for the ability of dates in reenergize our body after one-day fasting. The sugar in dates make replacement of the hunger and help us feel appeased. It helps us to avoid over-eating during the evening.

  1. Help to gain weight

Aishah, the wife of The Prophet Muhammad once said that They [her family members]  tried to fatten me by giving me everything. But I did not become fat. Then they fattened me with cucumber and ripe dates, and I gained weight!”

It relates to the fact that dates contain a high level of calories to help us gain some pounds. Dates are also very good with honey to give the Health Benefits of Dates with Honey

  1. Improve overall health

The content of vitamin in dates makes dates potential to keep us healthy. Long ago, dates are important food for Muslim warriors. Consuming dates is believed to be able to avoid night-blindness. It can also improve the warrior performance in a battle, as the dates supply nutrients for healthy and strong muscle.

How to Use Dates for the Health Benefits

To get the health benefits of dates in Islam, of course, there are some recommendations on how to use dates and get the benefits. Here is the recommendation on how to use dates. First, we have to consider storage. Make sure to place the dates in a proper place.

Since dates we usually consume are the dried dates, it is easier for us to buy in a bulk and store them. If you buy the soft dates, you can keep them in a sealed container and put them in a fridge to keep the freshness. However, if you want the semi-dried dates, you can store them in a sealed jar in the room temperature. Although dates have long shelf time, it is better to consume them within a week after you open it.

And if you want to explore more on how to consume it rather than just eat dates a whole, you can try some recipes. For example, mix the dates with your fruit salad, or sprinkle them on your fruit and veggie smoothies and add the benefits to the Health Benefits of Fruit and Veggie Smoothies. Or else, you can include date into your cake, pudding, or ice cream. It goes very well with some foods.