Is There Any Health Benefits of Edible Insects? (The Pros and Cons)

It seems that none of you have ever thought about eating insect. But in fact, some kinds of insect such as grasshoppers, red ant, cricket, and some kinds of caterpillar are edible. The edible insects are not merely edible, but also nutritious. They contribute high value of nutrients, as they provide health benefits of edible […]

12 Health Benefits Of Eating Insects (No.3 is Shocking)

Eating insects? Yeah, you read the title right and you are probably having that ticklish feeling on your spine. Many are familiars with the word insects, even some have taken a major to study about them. But not many know that even insects can be for consumption. The concept of eating insects have been there […]

9 Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites Naturally (No.6 Ready at Every House)

No one likes to be bitten by mosquitos. More than just the redness and itchiness coming from the bites, it is your blood they take that is the most annoying. Not only taking your blood, they can also cause some mosquito-borne illnesses. Say, would you feed them with your blood, let them producing more eggs […]