22 Health Benefits of Quail Eggs (No.9 Super Fast)

Human needs good nutrition to keep healthy body. The good food also will affect to human growth and development and reparation process of human body. Many researches have been proven that food that contain high nutrients and eating well balance food can significantly improve human health. To provide and nourish the body with nutrients, we […]

27 Health Benefits of Buttermilk and Tips When to Drink

Staying healthy has to be human priority and to maintain healthy body, we used to add many types of food in our diet. There are a lot of food product which derived from plant or animal protein. One of the most popular food or considered as beverage is milk. Milk is one of food types […]

19 Proven Health Benefits of Quinoa and Bulgur Wheat

Nowadays, we can find many food products in the market to fulfill our daily needs of nutrients including carbohydrate and protein. Healthy lifestyle trend has pushed human to search a better and healthier food source to be included in their diet. One of their effort is using the food that usually used in the ancient […]

18 Health Benefits of Avocado Seed (No.7 is Insane)

Avocado is a type of fruit which has nutty flavor and people loves to consume it as dessert, side dish and just consume it raw. Avocado is originated from South America especially Mexico and we know that Mexican is popular with their guacamole recipe. Avocado plant has been cultivated since 8000 years ago by Guatemalan […]

17 Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seed and Side Effects

A pumpkin is actually belong to a type of squash and It is a member of Cucurbita family as well as squash and cucumbers. The name of pumpkin fruit is derived from the word “pepon” which in the Greek language means large melon. Pumpkin is a popular fruit and crop nowadays and it spread around […]

12 Health Benefits of Sauerkraut (No.3 Insane)

Nowadays fermented food plays important role in improving food quality, food security, and enhancing livelihood. The fermentation especially the fermented vegetables may be affected by some groups of microorganisms. The nature character of vegetable has been paved way for their fermentation due to any enzymatic, bacterial, or even fungal activities. Usually the vegetable is preserved […]

17 Health Benefits of Norwegian Kelp (No.3 Super Potent)

Norwegian kelp or known as Norwegian Seaweed or Brown Algae is one of important commodity in Norway nowadays. The brown algae or Norwegian kelp lives in clean, unpolluted and fresh ocean which make it as one of best seaweed product in the world. Norwegian kelp is belong to Algae plant that lives in marine world. […]

21 Health Benefits of Norwegian Fish Oil (No.9 You Need)

Health Benefits of Norwegian Fish Oil must you try since it very important. Mother nature has provides human with many resources and one of them comes from the water resource. Fish has become a main source a protein since long ago and people used to consume it daily in some part of the world. Fish […]

14 Health Benefits of Steam Sauna (No.1 Amazing)

Health benefits of sauna already know as best treatment for human health. Since long ago people has known the benefits of steam sauna or steam bath. Most of literature mentioned that the culture of having steam sauna is derived from Mediterranean, Finland or Turkish. People know sauna as a steam bath but actually sauna is a […]

11 Benefits of Malai on Face – Skin – Hair

Having beauty skin is all what people want especially women. Many people nowadays will love to do skin care treatment even if they must spend lots of money to get healthy and beauty skin. There are many skin care products that we can find nowadays on market but some of them not only give benefits […]