Benefits of Kelp Face Mask and How To Make It

Skin health is super essential for some people, especially women. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough time or enough budgets to do some intensive skin care. Actually, there are some simple solution to keep your skin health and young like doing regular care from home. Yes, to have healthy and beautiful skin you don’t need a […]

Benefits of Kelp Supplements for Skin

You are not getting younger but it is important to maintain the health of your skin to make you look younger longer. Today, there are a lot of supplement products you could easily find in the marketplace and even recommended by licensed dermatologist to help you maintaining your healthy skin; one of them is kelp […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Kelp for Dogs

Kelp is one of the nutritional supplements for dogs. Kelp has a good nutritional content such as salt and minerals. Not only that, many veterinarians also recommend the health benefits of kelp for dogs as a supplement for pets. Content that is in kelp and required by dogs include: Iodine Mineral Calcium Iron Amino acid […]

30 Health Benefits of Kelp – Weight Loss – Beauty Treatments

If you’re so proud of yourself that you could grow any organic vegetables, hold for a second, because kelp is not typical of vegetable you could grow in your own garden unless you’re a mermaid. Kelp is one of the sea vegetables which is also best known as seaweed and only been able to be […]

17 Health Benefits of Norwegian Kelp (No.3 Super Potent)

Norwegian kelp or known as Norwegian Seaweed or Brown Algae is one of important commodity in Norway nowadays. The brown algae or Norwegian kelp lives in clean, unpolluted and fresh ocean which make it as one of best seaweed product in the world. Norwegian kelp is belong to Algae plant that lives in marine world. […]