Health Benefits of Kamut Berries – How to Consume

Kamut is a brand of khorasan wheat, which are ancient grains that have only been rediscovered in the 20th century. It once grew prosperously in the region spanning from Persia to Central Asia, and was named Khorasan because they were rediscovered in the province of Khorasan, Iran. Their appearances resemble conventional wheat kernel with the […]

17 Surprising Health Benefits of Oats for Dinner

Basically, if it regards healthy food, no matter what time you consume it will benefit your body. One of the lists of healthy foods is oats. Although most people consume it in the morning as a breakfast menu, you will also be surprised at the health benefits of oats for dinner. Oats are able to […]

15 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Khorasan Wheat

Have you ever heard of Khorasan wheat? The shape is small and rather long like rice. Behind the texture is soft, it turns out one of the health benefits of Khorasan wheat is to have lots of protein. Khorasan is one of the more ancient types of wheat that are more nutritious than other grains […]

6 Facts Health Benefits of Eating Pita Bread

Maybe Pita Bread is still unfamiliar to you. Few people know about this type of bread, maybe not many bakeries that sell this type of bread too. Let’s get acquainted with health benefits of eating Pita Bread, Middle Eastern bread. Pita bread is a kind of bread that has little development or does not expand […]

21 Health Benefits of Emmer Wheat – Miraculous Wheat

Emmer which has the Latin name Triticum dicoccum is part of the annual wheat-grass family. Emmer is a peeled grain, this shows that the emmer wheat has a glimpse of a strong husk that coats the grain. After the wheat is threshed, it takes grinding or beating to remove the grain from the chaff. Wheat […]

5 Superb Health Benefits of Red Fife Flour #Gluten Free

Not many people might heard about red fife flour. If you one of these people, don’t worry, this article will help to introduce you on the health benefits of red fife flour. This flour is actually famous among people that having a big concern to their health. It is a good substitute of original flour […]

27 Health Benefits of Wheat Germ – Beauty – Diet – Body Performance

The number of people who are concerning about healthy living is progressively increasing today. Then, one of their concerns are about what they should put on their plates. It means that more understanding towards what foods that best for them to consume and what those foods will affect them. Health benefits of wheat germ is […]

19 Proven Health Benefits of Quinoa and Bulgur Wheat

Nowadays, we can find many food products in the market to fulfill our daily needs of nutrients including carbohydrate and protein. Healthy lifestyle trend has pushed human to search a better and healthier food source to be included in their diet. One of their effort is using the food that usually used in the ancient […]

13 Signs of Wheat Allergy : Cause – Diagnosis & Treatment

Wheat allergy is an reaction to foods that containing wheat. It can occur due to eating or inhaling wheat flour. Many foods contain wheat, including some foods that you might not expect, such as beer, soy sauce and ketchup. The main treatment for wheat allergy is avoiding wheat. Medications may be needed to manage an […]