17 Health Benefits of Norwegian Kelp (No.3 Super Potent)

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Norwegian kelp or known as Norwegian Seaweed or Brown Algae is one of important commodity in Norway nowadays. The brown algae or Norwegian kelp lives in clean, unpolluted and fresh ocean which make it as one of best seaweed product in the world. Norwegian kelp is belong to Algae plant that lives in marine world. Algae are wide group of marine plant or photosynthetic organism that have many similarity with green plant that live on the ground. Algae have long history and have been presence in the earth since very long ago. There are only 50000 species of algae which spread worldwide but they are one of organism group with great diversity nowadays.

norwegian kelpThe brown Atlantic algae or Norwegian kelp is harvested from the sea and it is easily to harvest since they don’t have any root unlike the green plant that live on the ground. The kelp nourish themselves with osmotic process and make it differ with other plant types. Norwegian kelps are classified in Brown algae class or Phaeophyceae and they consist of several species such as Fucales including Ascophyllum nodosum, Pelvetia canaliculata,and Laminariales which include Laminaria digitata, Laminaria hyperborea, Saccharina latissima,and Alaria esculenta.

Norwegian Kelp, is known as the vegetable of the ocean. They grow in the rich ‘soil’ of the ocean floor and make it abundant with nutrients that will be beneficial for human body. The kelp itself has been used by many people in different culture since long ago or more than thousands years. History mentioned that ancient Chinese, Greeks, Roman, Irish and Japanese have used kelp or seaweed for their daily consumption sing long ago.

Nutrition Facts

Norwegian kelp is a simple plant which absorbs nutrients directly from sea water through their entire body surface. This nutrients include minerals and other trace elements which will be converted into a form of nutrient that is readily absorbed by human bodies. Kelp contains an excellent level of essential nutrients and at about 60 minerals including iron, potassium,calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, sulphur, natural chlorine, sodium, zinc, selenium, manganese, nickel, copper and cobalt.

The brown kelp also a seaweed variety that are good sources of carotenoids that known as pro-vitamin A and vitamin C. It also contains vitamin B2, B3, and some Vitamin D, E and K. All kelp including norwegian kelp is high in soluble fibre and contain high level of essential fatty acids. However, one thing that makes Norwegian kelp as super food is the high content of iodine.

Health Benefits of Norwegian Kelp

Norwegian kelp benefits contains many nutrients that can keep your body health and it is important in maintaining some body organs function. Below are the benefits of Norwegian Kelp that you shouldn’t miss to know

1. Maintain healthy digestion

Norwegian kelp or seaweed contain dietary fiber in form of Alginic acid. The alginic acid or alginat is a substance in kelp which can keep the plant remain strong and can resist the ocean wave. This substance give benefits tou human gut by nourish the digestion tract lining and increasing the absorption of nutrient. The fiber in Norwegian kelp also can decrease the inflammation which caused by Helicobacter pylori. Helicobacter pylory is a common bacteria that can cause ulcer inside the digestive tract especially the gut. Study has been proven that Norwegian kelp also act as probiotic food that can promotes the growth of good bacteria that live inside human colon.

2. Fight inflammation

The brown algae or Norwegian kelp contains a substance that called as fucoidans. This substance is complex molecules that can affect the human body especially in the inflammation response. Fucoidans is a type of sulphated polysaccharides that can promotes the immunomodulatory response and inhibite the inflammation spreading inside the body. This substance also reduce pro-inflammatory state that effective in reducing pain due to inflammation.

3. Treat Arthritis

Due to its ability to fight inflammation, Norwegian kelp is recommended to be consumed by people who suffer from arthritis. Arthritis is a condition of severe pain on joints that causeb by inflammation and accumulation of uric acid within the joints. Arthritis is also a type of Autoimmune disease that is hardly to recover but can be treat well so the symptoms will not bother the patient.

4. Relieve constipation

High in fiber makes Norwegian kelp is a super food to relieve and get rid of constipation. As we know that constipation is a common problem that occur in the digestion system and it makes people hard to eliminate the digestive waste or feces. The fiber content of Norwegian kelp can promote healthy bowel movement and make it easier to pass the colon during defecation process.

5. Prevent cancer

Beside the fiber and mineral content, Norwegian kelp is also high in Vitamin C which known as strong antioxidant to prevent DNA damage that lead to cancer. Study has proven that japanese women who consume kelp regularly have lover risk of suffering breast cancer compare to them who doesn’t include the kelp in their diet. This is why Japanese people are hardly to suffer from cancer since they loves to consume kelp along with their sushi.

6. Treat menstrual disorder

It is believed that Norwegian kelp effective in treat menstrual disorder and other reproductive problem including in male. According to study the mineral content and anti-inflammatory properties of Norwegian kelp can reduce the pain during menstruation period as well as promoting good mood and treat the mood swing.

7. Maintain healthy skin

Seaweed especially Norwegian kelp has been famous for its manufactured in beauty skin care product. The benefits of seaweed on human skin have been proven by many studies. Norwegian kelp contains natural silicon that can keep skin firmness and prevent it from wrinkles as well as skin sagging. So, if you want to have young and beauty skin you can start to consume the Norwegian kelp from today.

8. Nourish the nail

Not only nourish the skin with many great nutrients, Norwegian kelp is effective in keeping healthy nail and make it looks glowing. The silicon along with sulphur and calcium content of Norwegian kelp help to nourish the finger nails and make it adorable.

9. Promote healthy hair

Silicon content in Norwegian kelp can nourish the hair roots and promote the healthy hair growth. People who consume seaweed or kelp regularly tend to have better hair growth and it also prevent them from baldness.

10. Maintain healthy thyroid gland

This one is one of important benefits of Norwegian kelp. The seaweed or Norway kelp contains high level of iodine that required by the body to nourish the thyroid gland. Thyroid gland itself is one of important gland in the body which control metabolism and body growth. Lack of iodine may cause hypothyroidism and cause several health problem.

11. Lower blood pressure

The presence of potassium in Norwegian kelp will be beneficial to people who suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure. Potassium is an important mineral that can keep normal heartbeat and maintain blood pressure in normal level.

12. Prevent alzheimer

Norwegian kelp contain a substance called as phlorotannins that can keep healthy cell function including brain cells. The phlorotannins content of Norwegian kelp acts as antioxidant that can prevent the body from developing oxidative stress or DNA damage that associated with some disease including Alzheimer.

13. Prevent diabetes

Norwegian kelp contains mannitol which is passively adsorbed from the digestive tract and
It enters the blood circulation at a slower rate than glucose, and does not result in rising in blood sugar levels. Mannitol can help the body to maintain normal blood sugar and prevent us from developing diabetes especially the type 2 diabetes.

14. Improve vision

Norwegian kelp contains caretonoids that known as provitamin A. In the body the provitamin A will be converted into Vitamin A which required to keep healthy eyes and improve vision.

15. Keep strong bones

To keep strong bones we need to consume calcium daily and Norwegian kelp is one of best source of calcium. The calcium in Norwegian kelp will be easily absorbed by the bones and it help to keep bones density so it won’t be easy to develop osteoporosis that used to occur in elderly.

16. Prevent anemia

Anemia is a condition of poor oxygen and nutrient transport due to lack of red blood cell and iron. Iron is a important mineral which become the part of haemoglobin or red blood cell protein that bind the oxygen and nutrient. Lack of iron can cause anemia. Norwegian kelp is excellent source of iron and it will help the red blood cell in oxygen and nutrient transport which will be effective in preventing anemia.

17. Help in weight lost

Norwegian kelp contains high dietary fiber which can be beneficial in weight lost. The fiber will make you feel satisfy longer and prevent from getting hunger often. Many manufacturers have made kelp as one of ingredient in weight lost products nowadays.

Side Effect and Tips To Consume

There is no serious case reported after consumption of Norwegian kelp or seaweed but excessive consumption maybe will trigger some health problem including allergic reaction. People who are allergic to iodine should avoid to consume kelp as well as those who have problem with thyroid disease should consult the doctor to consume the Norwegian kelp or seaweed supplement. Pregnant and breastfeed women should also consult the doctor before include the kelp in their diet. Here are some easy tips to consume and include the Norwegian kelp or seaweed into our diet :

  • Purchase a good quality of Norwegian kelp that sold and have been packaged in the store
  • There are many ways to enjoy the kelp. You can choose any food variants that contain kelp, it can be powdered or dried kelp
  • Make a shake with kelp powder and you can mix it with any beverage such as milk to create healthy smoothies
  • To consume Norwegian kelp or seaweed you just need to sprinkle it on your salad,stews, omellete, rice or wrap it in sushi

Those are the benefits of Norwegian kelp that you may didn’t realize. The seaweed or kelp is not just a wrap on your sushi dish but it is one important meal that can nourish your body and give you many health benefits.