Top 6 Health Benefits of Cashew Butter

Cashew nut may be an option of healthier ingredient for a healthy recipe. It does tastes great and makes a wonderful nut butter that you can add to your diet. Each serving of cashew nut butter contains a lot of nutrients, such as proteins, iron, magnesium and copper, monounsaturated fats and others. Not only cashew […]

15 Proven Health Benefits of Roasted Pecans

Health benefits of roasted pecans are known very powerful to prevent heart disease and stroke. Pecan nuts include types of bean that provide many benefits. It’s size is about an adult’s flat thumb. In taste, processed from pecans are usually used as a pastry mixture that provides a savory taste. Pecan nuts are also often […]

15 Impressive Health Benefits of Areca Palm

Areca palm is a kind of plant inside the palms family, which until today, has a lot of various different kinds. From all we know, the tree of this betel plant itself, is used as a pole, in pole climbing competition to celebrate our Independence day on 17 of August. However, the tree trunk is […]

10 Amazing Benefits of Soap Nut for Hair

Peanuts are usually used to make a delicious food menu. These foods are very easy to find around us. The price also varies, ranging from cheap like peanuts to expensive as almonds. But did you know that nuts can also be used to treat hair? One of them is the health benefits of soap nut […]

15 Proven Health Benefits of Macadamia Nut Oil

If you think that nut makes your face get acne, this one is surprisingly very good for your skin. Yup, we are now taking macadamia nut into the stage. Macadamia, of which has dark skin and super yummy yet crispy texture is one called as the magic nut. Many people who have given a try […]

18 Scientific Health Benefits of Dogfruit (#1 Surprising)

Jengkol (Archidendron pauciflorum, synonym: A. jiringa, Pithecellobium jiringa, and P. lobatum) or jering beans is distinctive plants in the Southeast Asian region. The West calls it a dog fruit. Its seed is popular in Malaysia (called “jering bean”), Myanmar (called “da nyin thee”), and Thailand (called “luk-nieng” or “luk neang”). Indonesian people know it as […]

30 Scientific Health Benefits of Petai Beans #Surprising

The petai beans (Parkia speciosa) or in Indonesian is called petai, probably many who hate this one fruit because of its odious smell. This fruit has a flat round shape with a distinctive green color. In addition, the seeds that are in the form of boards also add to the uniqueness of this stinky fruit. Why […]

26 Health Benefits of Shea Butter For Hair #Top 1 Beauty Tricks

What is Shea Butter? Shea butter is a peanut fat that comes from the Shea-Karite tree, which can only be found in Africa. Shea Butter After harvesting from Shea-Karite nut tree boiled to remove the liquid in it. This liquid turns out to be frozen at cold temperatures and is the only ingredient in pure […]

37 Health Benefits of Shea Butter (#1 Top Beauty Secret)

Shea butter is edible but world knows it best as main cosmetic ingredients and not something usually found in the kitchen, well unless you are in Africa. For thousands of years, shea butter has been used as healing and skin care properties. History has stated that during Cleopatra’s era in Ancient Egypt, shea butter was […]

22 Benefits of Peanut Butter : Health and Beauty

Surely, you are familiar with peanut than the other bean isn’t it? because these foods are very commonly found in many foods, for example, be used as a spread on bread, candies peanut flavor, and taste the flavor bean pastries. Peanut butter is a food made from ground roasted beans are then processed until smooth […]