10 Amazing Benefits of Soap Nut for Hair

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soap nutPeanuts are usually used to make a delicious food menu. These foods are very easy to find around us. The price also varies, ranging from cheap like peanuts to expensive as almonds. But did you know that nuts can also be used to treat hair? One of them is the health benefits of soap nut for hair. Nuts have some excellent nutrient content to nourish hair. Some of the nutrients that exist in the nuts are as below:

  • Folic acid
  • Unsaturated fats
  • Protein
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K, and
  • Fiber

Soap beans will greatly help you to get healthy hair and scalp naturally at home.

  1. The scalp becomes healthy

In the peanut soap, there are vitamins needed by the scalp that is vitamin D and vitamin E. This vitamin will help make your scalp become healthier. You can use it just like a hair mask. Soap nut is perfect for you who have the dry scalp to get enough nutrition. Read more: health benefits of tea tree oil for hair and scalp

  1. Prevent hair loss

Hair loss is usually caused by lack of nutrients present in the hair. So the hair is brittle and unhealthy. Therefore, you need to provide nutrition for your hair to keep your hair from falling out again. One is to regularly use this soap. This method is also safer than you use various hair care products made from chemicals. Or try benefits of fish oil for hair loss

  1. Repair hair damage

Not only can prevent hair loss, but regular use of soap nut can also repair hair damage. For those of you who like to experiment with hair like straightening and coloring hair, you can use this soap to keep your hair healthy. Because the hobby you do sometimes can make your hair damaged.

  1. Smooth blood circulation

The smooth circulation of blood throughout the body will make the body healthy. One of them is the head. Using soap nut for hair will make your blood circulation smooth. So the head will get enough oxygen and nutrients. Your hair will become healthier.

  1. Make hair shiny

The natural content of soap nut can make your hair shine. You do not need to do salon maintenance at a high price because you can do it yourself at home. The results you will get is also not inferior to expensive hair care.

  1. Cleans the scalp

Sometimes dirt sticks to the scalp. Dirt that accumulates can cause dandruff and itching on the head. To clean it, you can use soap nut as a scrub so that the dirt on the head can be lost. Regular use can make your scalp healthy. You may also like this article: health benefits of cashew nuts

  1. Overcoming dandruff problems

Dandruff is a problem that is often experienced by many people. Dandruff that accumulates in the head will make the itching and also decreased confidence. You can overcome dandruff that is on the head by using soap nut regularly. Related article: benefits of curry leaves for dandruff

  1. Prevent free radicals

Free radicals not only cause harmful diseases to the body. But free radicals can also interfere with hair health and also scalp. Providing adequate nutrition to the hair and head is a solution to overcome free radicals. The trick is to use this soap nut. Read more: benefits of aloe vera for hair and scalp

  1. Hair becomes fragrant

In addition to getting healthy hair, you will also have fragrant hair. That way you will be more confident in living your daily activities with friends or colleagues.

  1. Moisturize the scalp

The characteristic of a healthy scalp is a moist scalp. In addition to consuming enough vegetables and fruits, you also need to use soap nut.

How to use

You can use the benefits of soap nut for this hair in two ways, as a mask and also as a scrub. Both have the same function of making hair become healthier.


You should use this soap nut regularly to get maximum results. In addition, you also need to consume vegetables, fruits and drink enough water. Your hair is your important asset in your life.