The Power of Soya: 10 Health Benefits of Soy Nuts

Soy nuts are prevalent in East Asia. They are found in numerous food sources including tofu, milk, and processed food sources like bread and grains. Soy nuts are usually consumed as a plant protein as it has each one of the amino acids that go about as the building blocks of protein. In addition to […]

Time to Look Into These 12 Health Benefits of Pecans

There are a few reasons why pecans are viewed as an irreplaceable treasure trove of supplements. They are stacked with nutrients, antioxidants, protein, minerals, fiber, omega-3 unsaturated fats, healthy fats, and a lot more. This multitude of supplements add to the long list of the medical advantages of pecans. So, go along with us as […]

Benefits of Peanut for Hair Health (Natural Treatment)

A strong, elastic, smooth yet healthy hair is sure ideal for any woman out there. And not only that, men also began to realize the importance of having healthy hair as well! Many ways could be done to accomplish that, such as by undergoing treatment in the salon or at home, using synthetic or natural […]

Great Health Benefits of Caribbean Pink Beans (Vitamin Sources)

Beans are of one casual foods that many people have consumed for a very long time ago. It is first found in the second millenium BCE, and still widely consumed even until today. However, it is should be noted, that there is not only one kind of bean like you usually eat during your meal […]

14 Health Benefits of Roasted Peanuts for Healthy Heart

There are a lot of reasons why people prefer to avoid eating roasted peanuts, from afraid of getting weight gain up to acne problems are closely related to peanuts. However, do you know that most of those things are actually just myths? The fact is the health benefits of roasted peanuts are more if compared […]

15 Surprising Health Benefits of Pili Nuts (No. 1 is the Best)

Do you like snacking? Sometimes, when we are so lazy to take some foods, we choose to snack instead as a reliever of our hunger. However, when we snacking sometimes we think some consequences of our snacking habit like do the snacks we normally eat are healthy enough for our health? Or the fear of […]

11 Powerful Health Benefits of Cashew Nuts for Men

Are you ready to go nuts? If you aren’t, let’s start it out. Going nuts, especially cashews, will not gain you weight as long as you consume it in the right portion and cook it in the right way. Cashews are naturally unique because they are called nuts when they are actually the seeds from […]

10 Unpredictable Health Benefits of Urad Dal During Pregnancy

If you go to India, you will find one of the most famous and legendary foods in India, it is urad dal. Health benefits of Urad dal during pregnancy is a special bean that has been since 2000an last year already in India. In scientific language, urad dal is known as Vigna Mungo. Urad dal includes […]

21 Health Benefits of Boiled Soybeans That You Are Not Aware

Soybean is one of bean types that can be processed into many things, such as tempe, tofu, soy sauce, soybean milk, boiled soybean can even be processed into flour. Soybean is one of the beans that have a high concentration of protein. Soybean is also the type of bean that is perfect to consume for […]

22 Super Health Benefits of Black Soybean #Vitamin E Source

Black soybean is one of the bean types that is often used as one of the ingredients for the making of soy sauce. Black soybean indeed is not as popular as a normal soybean in Indonesia. The usage of black soybean is also still limited to soy sauce only, when in fact there are a […]