15 Proven Health Benefits of Roasted Pecans

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Health benefits of roasted pecans are known very powerful to prevent heart disease and stroke. Pecan nuts include types of bean that provide many benefits. It’s size is about an adult’s flat thumb. In taste, processed from pecans are usually used as a pastry mixture that provides a savory taste. Pecan nuts are also often chopped and sprinkled on top of ice cream.

Pecans itself is very famous in America. Usually in America pecan beans processed into snacks, pie contents, or roast turkey contents. It is so tasty and it makes people feel addicted. Pecans are very popular in America, because the tree is found in many places in America. Pecans are the fruit of a hickory tree that is originated from the land of America. In America, many pecans are mostly found in Texas and Georgia

Although many pecan nuts are generated from America, we can still get them at the cake shop or the nearest supermarket. Usually sold with large quantities in cans or plastic, but there is also a retail.

The content of pecans

As mentioned above pecans are one of the most beneficial species for us. Its content is very rich in nutrients. Each pecan bean contains more than 19 vitamin minerals. The pecans contain zinc, vitamin E and A, magnesium, potassium, copper and B vitamins. The most commonly known by the public, these nuts contain 65-70% healthy fat, 65% are oleic fatty acids, and 26% of them contain linoleic fatty acids. Another study mentions that one serving of pecan beans computes 200 calories and it is also rich in fiber.

1. Overcoming heart disease

Various studies reveal that pecans can cope with damaged nerve cells and replace them with new cells in cases of heart disease. Healthy fat content in pecans is also very good for maintaining heart health. 

2. Lowering bad cholesterol

New Mexico University research on people with hyperlipidemia or can be called someone who excess blood fat levels, can help them by giving them a handful of pecan every day for eight weeks in a row. The results obtained that pecan managed to reduce levels of bad LDL fat by 16%. The results are reported in the journal of the American Dietetic Assosiacion 2000. Thus, also read about Foods That Lower Cholesterol Level in 5 Minutes

3. Preventing Stroke

There are many health benefits of roasted pecans. Because pecan nuts able to lower cholesterol levels that are not needed by the body then it automatically will reduce the risk of disease such as stroke. Other studies have shown that pecan beans are good for supporting the Mediterranean diet program, where the body needs fiber, monounsaturated fatty acids, and oxidants in which all the nutritional needs of the Mediterranean dietary style are found in pecans.

The Mediterranean diet supported by the consumption of pecans will help the condition of blood lipids in a healthy state so that will prevent the occurrence of stroke. Thus, also read about Health Benefits of Kokum

4. Smooth blood circulation

Another report disclosed in the Journal of Nutrition September 2001 by Loma Linda University USA revealed that pecans are efficacious for lowering blood lipid levels. This is good to help accelerate blood circulation, bad cholesterol which is not in needed by the body sometimes interfere with the circulatory system causing the risk of disease due to excess levels of cholesterol such as stroke and heart.

The current circulation of blood will help other organs to function properly because it receives oxygen intake that is bound in the blood.  

5. Prevent Cancer

Pecans have an anti-arifagic acid-proliferating properties which means pecans have the ability to bind to certain carcinogenic DNAs such as aromatic polyclic hydrocarbons and nitrosamines. These properties make the body protected from cancer risk.

6. Lower the risk of gallstones

Another study says that a diet that is supported by the consumption of pecans will help lower the risk of gallstones because as we know gallstones caused by cholesterol levels that too accumulate in the bile ducts to the digestive system of the intestine that eventually settles to form a blocking gallstone.

Pecans that can lower cholesterol and have antioxidant properties will prevent the formation of gallstones formed by cholesterol deposits. Thus, also read about Health Benefits of Black Beans and Brown Rice

7. Maintain bowel function

In addition to rich in fat, it turns out pecan beans also contain lots of high fiber. The body’s need for fiber every day is very high, it will help the absorption in the digestive system so much better. With fiber-rich foods will make us feel full longer, in addition to the content of unsaturated fat in pecans also help clean the colon so avoid bacterial infections. Thus, also read about Health Benefits of Cluster Beans

8. Smoothen Defecation

Other effects besides maintaining the function of our body’s digestive organs, practically also help smoothen Defecation. Foods rich in fiber will facilitate the disposal process and prevent constipation. If you are difficult to defecate in addition to consuming fruits rich in fiber such as papaya, gandaria, manga, etc., there is no harm in also be supported by the consumption of pecans with enough intake. Thus, also read about Health Benefits of Locust Beans

9. Maintain healthy skin

Pecan is one of the foods that are powerful enough to maintain healthy skin, vitamin E content that contained in pecan nut is very useful for the health of our skin. The benefits of vitamin E itself has been proven to help the treat the skin and prevent it from premature aging.

10. Maintain Premature Aging

Still associated with vitamin E, pecans can help us in preventing premature aging and making skin healthy and radiant.

Health benefits roasted pecan enough proven to help us in maintaining a healthy body. For that we can consume pecan pecan regularly. Stay Healthy!