12 Household Chores and Their Health Benefits

Some people may not enjoy doing household chores, because they probably think that the chores have no health benefits. Actually, household chores bring health benefits such as increase happiness, reduce the risk of stress, including help the body to prevent diseases. In addition, the household chores are including clean yard, wash dishes, clean bathroom, get […]

15 Refreshing Health Benefits of Morning Dew

When we go outside in the morning to check on plants, the first thing we see are drops of water on its leaves despite not raining the night before. These are morning dews that come from water vapours. Morning dews are known to be cool and according to research they contain plenty of oxygen, as […]

11 Health Benefits of Argentine Tango from Buenos Aires

Argentine tango is combination of a musical genre and social dance that popular the end of the 19th century in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. Different from International Tango and American ballroom dancing, Argentine Tango will interpretive, improvisational social dance that push and make the dancers have deep connection with themselves, music including environment in […]

9 Best Health Benefits of Riding A Horse

Doing exercise will bring benefits to the body health and promote the body functions. Then, what kind of exercise do you love to do? Is it swimming, running, riding a bike or playing soccer? In this case, riding a horse can be the good option for those who need to have the healthy and fun […]

8 Health Benefits of Group Singing for Mental Health and Well Being

Singing is an activity that musical sounds produced by the voice including regular speech by sustained tonality, rhythm, and several vocal techniques. In person or group, singing is one of activity that most of people like to do it. Even some people take it as a job or they choose to be professional singers, which probably without know the benefits. Many studies found by […]

9 Health Benefits of Wudu for Body and Soul You Never Know

Wudu is a ritual to begin praying for Muslims in all over the world. It is their way to hallow their selves as mentioned in their holy book, Al-Quran. To do it, water is the most crucial part, because it is used as the media for wudu. The water for wudu itself has several types. […]

15 Excellent Benefits of Swimming for Lungs Health

Do you love to do sports? Then, one of the most popular sports is swimming. This kind of activities is good to keep the healthy body and for those who have great passions. Not only for that, it can affect the mental health as well. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the benefits […]

Unexpected Health Benefits of Bathing Without Soap

Bathing is a mandatory activity that must be done by everyone. With a bath, the body will be clean and protected from various diseases. Bathing will also make the body fresher after running daily activities. Then what about the health benefits of bathing without soap? Have you ever tried it? Read more: health benefits using […]

18 Health Benefits Of White Water Rafting for Mental Health

White water rafting is a recreational water sport when you use a rubber boat or raft along the river with significant number rapids. The term white water comes from the river water which seems to be white as the air thrust into the water body and create a bubbly and unstable current. People love to […]

10 Amazing Benefits of Playing Bingo for the Elderly Health

The key to getting the healthy life is not about to consume healthy foods. What is more important is when we are happy to live in it. The happiness can be achieved in many ways. One of them is by applying the healthy lifestyle. In this case, bingo as a popular game may contribute to […]