11 Health Benefits of Argentine Tango from Buenos Aires

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Argentine tango is combination of a musical genre and social dance that popular the end of the 19th century in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. Different from International Tango and American ballroom dancing, Argentine Tango will interpretive, improvisational social dance that push and make the dancers have deep connection with themselves, music including environment in which they are dancing.

There are many Argentine tango music and they are more than you can find ballroom tango music. The music of the tango has been composed by many different orchestras over the last century. Not only for the large volume of music, a breadth of stylistic also different from the orchestras as well. It makes Argentine tango dancers easier to spend their whole night, just by dancing Argentine tango only. Furthermore, there are four representative schools for the music of Argentine tango. The schools are Di Sarli, d’Arienzo, Troilo and Pugliese, where all the four descendent from the families of Italian immigrant.

In addition, styles of Argentine Tango are such as salon tango, milonguero Tango, Tango Nuevo, Neo-Tango. From those styles of Argentine Tango, types of Tango dances are Milonga, Val (Waltz). However, any styles and types of Argentine Tango will give the dancers some health benefits. So, the health benefits of Argentine Tango are:

  1. Exercises physic or great for cardiovascular

In Argentina, Drs. Comasco and Peidro found that Argentine Tango can improve cardiovascular to those who had a cardiac incident including heart attack. Since then, that physic exercise also may improve overall health. Or you can also read in benefits exercise recommendation.

  1. Increases mobility, balance, stride length and core strength.

Doing Argentine Tango means to increase mobility, balance, stride length and core strength. How the body is moving while doing the Tango also linked with the benefit of the activity as cardiovascular exercise.

  1. Improves social interaction

One of the health benefits of Argentine Tango is to improve social interaction, both with similar interests and also similar goals. Partners for tango dance are important, which they can improve social interaction as well as reduces the risk of mental health. Or you can also read in health benefits playing soccer.

  1. Increases mental health

Mental health tends to increase when the person is having interaction with many people, because it related with emotions. Since Argentine tango need social interaction, then it helps to increase mental health. It helps to balance emotions which can lead to how mental health works to the body. Or you can read in benefits of exercise for emotional health.

  1. Improves cognitive skill.

Cognitive skill will increase along with activity that needs focus and concentration like Argentine Tango. The activity of tango increases memory and other cognitive skills as well as prevents some problem with the function of brain like dementia.

  1. Gives educational health

By learning new skills, Argentine Tango gives educational health to the body, like those who are with disabilities. They said that had realized the benefit of tango to learn new things after did tango. However, everyone can learn many things from the activity of tango, moreover it can make the body healthier.

  1. Supports for overall heath

As Argentine Tango can supports for physic and mental health, then it supports for overall health. So, the tango probably will not make anyone regret of doing such thing. Even the tango can treat some conditions.

  1. Relieves stress

Related with the benefits of Argentine tango to increase mental health, it relieves stress. However, stress can trigger many problems for the health of the body. The benefit also probably comes along with how the tango linked with hormone balancing. Or you can read in health benefits of popping bubble wrap.

  1. Boosts immune system

Immune system will increase as the body is having well circulation of blood. Argentine Tango tends to make the circulation of blood work well and since then it gives the benefit to fight diseases or some problems with health.

The other benefits of Argentine Tango are:

  1. Feels better
  2. Increases blood circulation

The health benefits of Argentine Tango are almost as same as other popular dances from all over the world, or you can read in health benefits of dancing.