10 Amazing Benefits of Learning Indian Classical Music

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classical musicClassical music is the best way to make your body and mind more relaxed. One of the suggested music is the benefits of learning Indian classical music. The core of classical music such as Indian classical music is emotion as well as aesthetics.

Indian classical music is a blend of two music, namely Indian folk music and Persian music. And this music is one tool for the doctrine of a culture. Classical music is known as music that can make your mind healthier. Therefore, many people love classical music, including classical Indian music.

In addition, some of the benefits you can get by listening to music are as follows:

  1. Overcome depression

When you listen to classical music, the blood flow to the brain becomes smoother. Then, the brain releases dopamine that affects your mood. even based on a study revealed that listening to classical music can be used to overcome depression and bipolar

  1. IQ increases

This statement is reinforced by a study that explains that classical music can make babies in the womb can distinguish between different sounds and help their auditory memory. This has an impact on increasing IQ

  1. Reduce the risk of epilepsy

Regular listening to music can also curb the risk of epilepsy. This is based on a study that has been done. Based on the results of the study, there is a significant increase in the condition and decrease the duration of seizures

  1. Helps improve visual attention

Indian classical music also helps someone in terms of increased visual attention. This is useful for patients who have a stroke

  1. Lowering blood pressure

Based on a study in the year 2004 by the University of San Diego, listening to classical music can affect the blood pressure of a person in health benefits of beets for blood pressure. This is a great treat for those with a history of high blood pressure

  1. Reduce the pain

In fact, listening to classical music can alleviate chronic pain like a postoperative pain in health benefits of banana leaves. The statement was based on a study by the Journal of Advanced Nursing

  1. Emotional Improvement

People who often listen to classical music will become more expressive in expressing opinions. This is based on a study that has been done

  1. Reduce insomnia

This is good news for those of you who suffer from insomnia in the side effect of hibiscus tea. Because, listening to classical music like Indian classical music for 45 minutes before bed, will make your sleep becomes more soundly

  1. Reduce the risk of stress

Of course, this can happen. Because during listening to classical music, the heart will beat more slowly and the mind becomes calmer. This is what causes a person to avoid stress in health risks of stress

  1. Improve memory

When you listen to classical music, there is a stimulus that affects the brain that processes spatial reasoning. This is what helps you to improve your memory in health benefits of dates and also plan your future thinking


Health benefits of learning Indian classical music is very useful for you. see the many benefits you can get, you should start now you get used to listening to classical music. Not only classic Indian music alone