15 Refreshing Health Benefits of Morning Dew

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When we go outside in the morning to check on plants, the first thing we see are drops of water on its leaves despite not raining the night before. These are morning dews that come from water vapours. Morning dews are known to be cool and according to research they contain plenty of oxygen, as much as 14-16ppm. Anyway, here are the other benefits of oxygen.

Since it refreshes and rich with health benefits, you can consume it as well.  So, how do you get some? Should you prepare an empty container the night before? Or do you collect those on top of leaf surfaces? Of course you shouldn’t do any of them, because if you struggle to do so you will only be able to manage in getting a drop or two. That leaves it insufficient to drink let alone to rinse your face.

In order to get a dose of morning dew, you should place a container filled with water in open space for the whole night until dawn arrives. Make sure that the water isn’t infected with dirt, dust, rain water or pollution. You are likely to get dew water by morning.

Benefits of Morning Dew

Here are the health benefits of morning dew;

1. Refreshes the Body

Tight schedules and deadlines that make us stay up all night tires and weakens our body. In order to get our spirit back we can drink morning dews so that our body refreshes and ready for next day’s activities.

2. Eases Your “Business”

Morning dews also have the potential to clean up and sterilize your intestines to ease defecation. No wonder why some people immediately feel the urge to go to the toilet immediately after having morning dews. It is absolutely normal and nothing to worry about.

3. Anticipates Pimples

High oxygen content inside morning dews also make it suitable for skincare and shield it from pimples and zits. Even if our face is already having pimples, morning dews can also be utilized as an instant solution. You can either drink it or spray it into our face, whichever way you prefer.

4. Prevents Face from Sebum

The second common problem to our face after acne is excessive sebum or oily face. Consuming morning dews also help to reduce oily face. Meanwhile, oily face itself takes place due to excessive sebum our facial pores produce to the point where our faces look shiny.

Another energizing method to prevent acne and excessive sebum is through ice cubes. Here are the health benefits of ice cube for face.

5. Clears the Throat

When our vocal cords are highly used for activities such as speaking, yelling or singing, our voices become hoarse. To reduce hoarseness, one way to do it is to sip morning dews. By doing that our vocal abilities will restore eventually.

6. Motivates You to Drink More

The refreshing and rejuvenating taste of morning dews motivate as well as increase our appetites to consume more minerally water which are also equally good for our well beings. These are also the health benefits drinking water first in the morning.

7. Makes Body Work More Efficient

Morning dews have become the choice of drink for athletes to better make their energy outputs more efficient. This is so because morning dews have the capabilities to increase our energy release efficiency by 20-30% so that we can maximize our everyday activities without getting tired easily.

8. Maintains the Kidney

With high body energy efficiency, our kidney workload gets lightened, which means to a more balanced kidney health. It is because the kidney is one of the most vital organs and it plays the main role in processing body fluids.

9. Helps Infants and Toddlers to Walk Better

Morning dews are also widely believed to help infants and toddlers who experience slow motoric growth. Apply morning dews on both of infant foots regularly every day and train them afterwards like usual. The effect of morning dews is thought to stimulate them to practice walking.

10. Reduces Eyesore

Eyesore is commonly signaled by redness and difficulty to open the eyes as soon as we wake up in the morning. To get over it we can place a few drops of fresh clean morning dews into our affected eyes.

11. Disposes Body Toxins

Consuming morning dews also work as body detoxification, or the process of removing dangerous toxins from our bodies. It has become general knowledge that in these modern times, not everything that comes into our mouth or the air we breathe is 100% sterile from germs or toxins. In one way or another there is likely going to be a contamination of these negative compounds inside our body, which makes detoxification necessary in the later term.

12. Improves Immunity

Viruses plus bacteria are roaming freely around us and are ready to infect us anytime and anywhere, especially when our immune system is at its lowest defense. That is why we must make sure that our immune system is always at prime condition. Various methods have been done to improve immunity and one of them is by consuming morning dews. 

13. Lowers Down Bad Cholesterol

More health benefits of morning dew – According to research drinking morning dews regularly also help to reduce bad cholesterol inside our body. In the long term, the chances of life-threatening diseases such as stroke and cardiac arrest can be minimized. Aside from drinking morning dews, you can also start eating foods that lower cholesterol level.

14. Promotes Weight Loss

Overweight has become an issue for us, particularly for women. People nowadays don’t mind doing various kinds of sport, use up all their savings to buy dietetic foods and supplements. J There is another easy yet affordable way to lose weight, which is no other than regular consumption of morning dews.

Another tasty and revitalizing beverage, the green tea has also been renowned for weight loss. These are the benefits of drinking green tea for weight loss.

15. Takes Good Care of Body Cells

Our body cells are the smallest entities that make up as well as support different body functions, therefore we must also maintain them at best. Routine consumption of morning dews also provide maintenance to our body cells.

There are many best health benefits of morning dew. Morning dews that we originally thought to be insignificant turns out to bring as much advantages to our well beings. That’s why from now on let’s try to include morning dews into our daily water intake to get its maximum benefits!