12 Household Chores and Their Health Benefits

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Some people may not enjoy doing household chores, because they probably think that the chores have no health benefits. Actually, household chores bring health benefits such as increase happiness, reduce the risk of stress, including help the body to prevent diseases.

In addition, the household chores are including clean yard, wash dishes, clean bathroom, get rid of kitchen clutter, vacuuming, make the bed as well as grow flowers and vegetables. All of those chores give different benefits for health and here are the details of health benefits of doing household chores:

  1. Cleans yard

The benefit of cleaning up the yard is to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack about 30%. Furthermore, it can flush out the toxins in the body which may lead to some condition as well as energizes after cooling off.

  1. Washes the dishes

One of the household chores is wash the dishes. Some people may do not know that the health benefits doing household chores like wash the dishes is to reduce the levels of nervousness up to 30%. Just take the focus on the action of the hands, while you are free to let the thoughts wander. In addition, the chore is as same as breathing exercise.

  1. Cleans bathroom

Cleans bathroom give the benefit to prevent the growing of mould including the spreading of diseases from bacteria. So, it is recommended to clean bathroom regularly to get more benefits for mental and physical health.

  1. Gets rid of kitchen clutter

Study shows that more kitchen clutter can lead to overweight about 77% or also obesity. On the other hand, when the kitchen is being organized then it may help to lose weight without need to do diet. It is because the unhealthy foods are being trashed.

  1. Does vacuum

When people are vacuuming then it is as same as doing kickboxing for 15 minutes. The movement of the hand when vacuuming not only can work for hand but also core and legs. Furthermore, it also keeps the respiratory system healthy from the dust.

  1. Makes the bed

People who like to tidy up or make the bad regularly tend to be more productive and they also probably feel better. It gives more mental health just like reduce stress because of a messy bed. Additionally, it will energize the body.

  1. Grows flowers and vegetables in garden

There are benefits of growing flowers and vegetables such as reduce the risk of depression. One study proves the benefit and as the result, people with different forms depression can reduce their conditions as the study end.

  1. Does laundry

Wash the clothes and laundry is one of the household chores and it has the ability to reduce stress which is related to mental health. It probably relaxes the feeling and tends to exercise hand as well as makes it clean.

The other household chores are including:

  1. Feeds pet
  2. Washes the window
  3. Cleans refrigerator
  4. Mows the lawn

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