10 Super Health Benefits of Watching Cat Videos for Psychology

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catWho does not get upset when you see a cat in action? The fur, the shape of his face, the way he walks, almost every part of his body and his behavior makes everyone want to embrace him immediately. Recently also viral about the benefits of health benefits of watching cat videos.

Based on a recent study conducted by a University Media School researcher argues that watching cat videos can increase energy and also add positive emotions. Surely this is very good for your mental health if you are one of those who likes to see cat videos.

The study was reinforced by another study conducted by assistant professor Jessica Gall Myrick with nearly 7,000 respondents. In this study discusses how they watch cat videos and their association with emerging emotions. The results of this study were published in Computers in Human Behavior.

Watching cat videos is now a popular thing. In fact, based on calculations in 2014, there are at least 2 million more cat videos uploaded on YouTube. With so many videos, the number of views is nearly 26 billion. The videos contained about the activities of these cute cats are ranked higher than any other category on YouTube.

Myrick also conducted further research on some people. From the results of his research, obtained the conclusion that:

  1. They feel more energized after seeing a cat video than before they see it. This is a positive effect of mood swings and can be used as one treatment to overcome depression
  2. Negative emotions such as anxiety in benefits of gaba supplement for anxiety, sadness, much less after they see the video. This is because of the increase in hormones that control the pleasure of their brains. So that pleasant feeling becomes more dominant
  3. People with certain personality types, are very fond of seeing cat videos as they fit their character. Usually they are friendly and shy
  4. Of the many videos available on the internet, about 25 percent of the videos they watch are videos of cats

Surely, based on the above research has proven that watching a cat video has a positive effect for a person both mentally and personally.

Another benefit of looking at cat videos is as follows:

  1. Make someone become more focused

A study conducted by researchers from Japan proves that students who have seen cat videos have better concentration levels in health benefits bacopa herb. Allegations of these researchers is an increase in positive emotions that affect the level of their focus

  1. Increase mood

This is based on research by Myrick at Indiana University against 7,000 respondents. Most of them have positive energy in health benefits of listening to your favorite song and negative energy is reduced after watching the video. 

  1. Remarkable brain drugs

Remarkable brain drugs are laughing, while seeing the health benefits of watching cat videos will make a person laugh. Even laughter is used as a validation to see one’s mental health in mental benefits exercise

  1. For mental health therapy

Nowadays very popular mental therapy uses pets. One of them is a cat in benefits owning cat. Because the cat can make positive energy that certainly makes the mental becomes healthier