9 Health Benefits of Wudu for Body and Soul You Never Know

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Wudu is a ritual to begin praying for Muslims in all over the world. It is their way to hallow their selves as mentioned in their holy book, Al-Quran. To do it, water is the most crucial part, because it is used as the media for wudu. The water for wudu itself has several types.

The water that are permitted to use for wudu are in the following list:

  1. Rain water
  2. Water from well
  3. Sea water
  4. River water
  5. The melt of snow or ice cube
  6. Water in pool or tank

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Even so, there are some types of water that can’t be used for wudu. Here are the lists of the water that aren’t permitted and can’t be used for wudu.

  1. Dirty and unclean water
  2. juice water
  3. Water that have changed in its color, taste, and smell
  4. Water that have been contaminated or the water in which something unclean has fallen
  5. Water that have been used for wudu

Wudu is not only to purify or cleanse, but also has broad beneficial. Furthermore, the benefits is not only from spiritual view nor religious view. It is also beneficial universally because of the ritual of wudu itself.

Here are some descriptions about the health benefits of Wudu for body and soul:

1. Spiritual Purification

From the view of ritual, spiritual, or religion, the most important benefits of wudu is to purify or to make clean muslims before they pray (salat) or read al-quran. After all the move and activities along the day, our body spiritually becomes unclean. Thus, it needs a brief purification so we are feasible to pray, come to the mosque which is the house of Allah, and read Al-quran.

2. Clean Up

Beside to purify ourselves spiritually, wudu can also benefit to clean up our body in which many dirt and dust swell. Therefore, wudu is not only a spiritual purification, but it will get rid of any dirt swelled in our body.

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3. As hand sanitizer

What’s more health benefits of Wudu for body and soul? While taking wudu, one part of our body that need to be washed by water is both of our hand. The part of hands that need to be washed by water are consist of:

  • Fingers
  • nail
  • palm
  • back hand
  • wrist
  • lower arm
  • upper arm

By washing hand comprehensively while taking wudu, our hand become clean and safe just like after we wash hand with soap or hand sanitizer. Even without soap or hand sanitizer, taking wudu can clean your hand from bacteria or microbes swelled on your hand that may cause various diseases. It is because while taking wudu you wash your hand repeatedly so the bacteria and microbes that swell on your hand will go along with the flow of the water of wudu. 

4. Body Refreshing

Taking wudu that usually done with water is not only can clean and purify your body from many dirt. With wudu, your body state will be freshen and it will ward off sleepiness that may occur when you do your activity. It happens because the benefits of water itself is to cooling and freshen your body.

Furthermore, getting body refreshed also means to ward off sleepiness and tired. In this state, you can concentrate well and give more focus to your daily activity, and of course you can solve any problem better.

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5. Relaxing

One of te benefits of wudu is that it is relaxing your body. Still related to the benefits of water along the wudu ritual process. When the water from wudu touch your skin, you will not only freshen but you will also feel like you got comfort and relax in the same time.

This relaxing state is also has important benefits for your body, including:

  • Get rid of stress, depression, or may be just load of mind
  • Contrallable while doing any activity
  • Improving the ability to concentrate
  • Not rash

Therefore, it is recommended for you to take wudhu not only when you are getting to pray. But also when you think you need to relax or when you feel tired, in which wudu will be helpful.

6. Natural Face lightening

Face is the main part of your body that will give impression for your look. The first impression when people saw you at the first time come from your face. Dirt, dull, and rigid face will give a bad impression for your look and moreover you may lose your confidence to stand in front of people.

Fortunately, wudu can prevent it because taking wudu make your face lighten along with the freshen air in your face. After taking wudu, your face will be brighter and lighter because dirt and dust that swell on your face will leave your face along with the flow of the water.

7. Face treatment

Some dermatologists also suggest the use of wudu as a media to treat your face well. Taking wudu just before going to sleep can also useful to keep your face healthy and it also:

  • cleans your face;
  • Prevent the growth of bacteria on your face, and;
  • Renewing your face skin.

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8. Taking Care of Your Mouth

Another part of your body that will  be cleaned when you are taking wudu is your mouth. The reason is because you have to gargle in the ritual of wudu. Gargling with fresh water provide you to a healthy mouth. Here are the benefits you may get from gargling while taking wudu:

  • Killing bacteria inside your mouth
  • Accelerate sprues healing
  • Treat and Prevent Bad Breath

Thus, that’s the health benefits of Wudu for body and soul.

9. Taking Care of Your Nose and Ear

Even, ear and nose are washed in the process of wudu. Washing the part of ear and nose while taking wudhu of course will clean them, but the more important things, wudu will clean any dirt swelled on your ear and nose skin that may prevent from skin inflammation. Thus, wudu may help you to take care of your nose and ear.

Those are the benefits that you may gain from taking wudu. Those benefits are not only from religious or spiritual view, but also for health and clean of your body. May this article worth to read and help you to have healthy life.

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