Unexpected Health Benefits of Bathing Without Soap

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bathingBathing is a mandatory activity that must be done by everyone. With a bath, the body will be clean and protected from various diseases. Bathing will also make the body fresher after running daily activities. Then what about the health benefits of bathing without soap? Have you ever tried it? Read more: health benefits using black soap

Soaps have different types, functions, and content. The soap we use for bathing mostly contains chemicals that can make skin dry on health benefits avocado skin and irritate in health benefits of jojoba oil for skin. Soaps are made of alkaline compounds (sodium hydroxide) mixed with vegetable or animal fat and perfume like health benefits of lavender oil. It is this basic mixture that lifts the oil and dirt and causes a sensation of the skin.

Some of the ingredients in soaps such as SLS can irritate the skin, eyes, and inflammation. While other contents such as Triclosan to trigger allergies and irritation of the skin. Read more about allergy

According to the explanation of dr. Chicken, antibacterial soap that we often use often contain chemicals that are harmful to the skin. Therefore do not be surprised if after we bathe, the skin will feel dry and there is even an irritation. And daily bathing using soap can eliminate good bacteria that keep the skin free of acne and other skin health problems. In fact, good bacteria are needed by the body to make the immune system stronger.

Like the example Anggun C. Sasmi. He is a famous singer who has a unique habit when bathing, which rarely uses a bath soap. This is because he has proven his own health effects of bathing without soap. According to him, if many activities are done indoors, he will choose a bath without soap. However, if the activity is mostly done outdoors, then he will bathe using soap. Anggun also proves that bathing without using soap will make the body more relaxed. Not only that, a bath without using soap can also make the skin moister because the skin contains natural oils.

Then how to bathe without using soap? You can take a shower with warm water and a small towel. Wash body parts using the towel. That way, evil germs will decrease naturally. Meanwhile, to clean the area that often causes odor, like underarms, you can use baking soda and rub on the part. Then rinse it with clean water. It would be nice if you shower with a shower compared to bath with bathtub. Because if you use the shower, germs will be directly washed away water. Whereas if using the bathtub, could be germs will still stick to your body. Then, in addition to using baking soda to remove odor, you can also eliminate it by consuming lots of mineral water.


If your activity a lot outdoors, you should take a bath using soap. But if in the room, you should take a bath without using soap.