10 Beauty Benefits of Pearl Powder for Skin and Health

Gaining health, soft, light, and beauty skin is what everyone’s dream on, especially for woman. Lot of way have been done to get ideal skin. As a recommended one, using pearl powder could help to get the ideal skin. It has been known from a long time ago that pearl powder has been used to […]

13 Benefits of Using Body Lotion Everyday for Skin Beauty

Using body lotion right before you are going to bed has many unbelievable advantages for your skin. Body lotion will provide nutrients to your skin and it will gives you more advantages than you can imagine. Hand and body lotion or commonly just called as body lotion is an element that almost exists on every […]

9 Health Benefits of Wudu for Body and Soul You Never Know

Wudu is a ritual to begin praying for Muslims in all over the world. It is their way to hallow their selves as mentioned in their holy book, Al-Quran. To do it, water is the most crucial part, because it is used as the media for wudu. The water for wudu itself has several types. […]

13 Surprising Health Benefits of Leeches Therapy

Have you heard leeches therapy before? It may seem a bit disgusting for some people. Leeches is a slimy animals which is small and thin, but it is sucking blood to grow up. When leeches have sticked to human skin, it will suck blood and difficult to release. Most of leeches are found in swamp […]

15 Health Benefits of Eating Ice Cubes #10 Amazing

Ice cubes benefits for health may not be familiar for most people. Even this ice cube, that mostly mixed to various beverages, has lot of benefits for health. The main benefits of ice cube is as skin care, for face skin or whole body. It is possible since ice cube temperature is greatly ideal to […]

30 Health Benefits of Dried Vegetables for Your Daily Consume

Consuming vegetable is an extremely important for your body. Vegetable contain various nutrients that will be easily absorbed good for your body. Vegetable is watery so it will be fresh even if you cook it. But a fresh vegetables may attacked by microorganism that will rotten the vegetable outside the refrigerator. To have a fresh […]

6 Health Benefits of Wasp Sting Therapy #1 Unexpected

Bee is quite familiar for earning honey. Honey is extremely important things to have a healthy life. Most of citizen consume natural honey because it contains a lot of contents in it that has been proven to have many benefits for health. Beside earning honey, bee is also known as an animal that can be […]

15 Proven Health Benefits of Using Corn Oil #Omega 3 Source

Most of Indonesian citzen may only know palm oil as one of ingradients needed to cook. In fact there are another alternative that we can use to replace palm oil to cook. For example, the corn oil. All types of  cooking oil basically are the combination of saturated and unsaturated fat in different measure. The […]

25 Health Benefits of Purslane Plant #Top Herbal Treatments

This time, purslane plant for health will be an interest topic to discuss. It is known that this purslane is not a popular plant for many society, especially for citizen. Purslane is familiar in a rural place, where it growth wildly in any field or yard. Unfortunately, purslane plant is only used to feed crickets.  Besides, […]

7 Health Benefits of Fern Plants #Nutrients Source

Ferns, that classified as Pterydophytes live and evolve in a its population. As pterydophytes, his plants is also classified as a tracheophytes. Most of tracheophytes reproduce with seeds, but not Ferns. This Pterydophytes reproduce with spores and live easily in any environment. Ferns spread in all over the world and in most of environment except […]